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Instagram Idolatry and the “New” Church

In the film Blade Runner the anti-hero Deckard, whose job it is to “retire” or destroy human-like androids called “replicants,” is faced with an odd dilemma. Using a test to provoke responses and reactions in the subject Deckard tests someone who he believes is human at first. After a lengthy test he determines that the [Read More…]

What is the Deal with the Old Testament?

The first bible I bought in the Orthodox Tradition confused me. The problem wasn’t with the New Testament or the Apocryphal texts. The New Testament is in the same order as it is for other Christian traditions. I was familiar with the Apocrypha from both seminary and my brushes with Anglicanism. The translation wasn’t a [Read More…]

Does God Tolerate Us?

I was again reading through a chapter called “Illnesses of the Heart” from the book The Mountain of Silence. I cannot recommend this book highly enough for those interested in learning about the deep roots of Orthodoxy especially in its monastic communities. One passage of the book describes the practice that the monks have of [Read More…]

Did Jesus Die for Wrath or Sin?

Scot McKnight continues the Atonement discussion at Jesus Creed: If the acted upon is sin, then the term does not mean “propitiate” but “expiate.” Thus, Moule: “If, then, God is the subject or originator, not the object or recipient, of hilas-procedures, it is manifestly inappropriate to translate them as propitiatory; one is driven to use [Read More…]

How Reformed “Catholicity” is Wrong

There has been a recent discussion on what we mean by the term “catholicity” especially when compared to the assertions of other traditions. Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy reposts an article originally found at Lux Christi: (T)his inability to find Roman scholastic particulars or precise Latin medieval explanations of dogma in the Fathers amounted to nothing more [Read More…]

Orthodoxy is Experience

For another great read on a key difference between Orthodox thinking and theology, do read Fr. Stephen Freeman’s piece “All In The Head.” Orthodox Christianity holds to a realist view of the world – but does so out of regard to God as the Creator and Sustainer of all that is (“in Him we live, [Read More…]

Removing My Spiritual Tattoo

Kathy Escobar has a thought-provoking post today. In it she writes: it’s easier to default toward bondage than freedom. i will go so far to say that we have a fatal attraction toward control & power (not a crazy-boil-bunnies-fatal-attraction, but a propensity to keep going back to what’s not good for our souls). we like leaders [Read More…]

Does Communion Build Up or Tear Down Love?

There is an interesting conversation regarding the Eucharist over at Homebrewed Christianity. From Dan Hauge: (I)t’s worth questioning whether Paul’s reiteration of Jesus’ instructions to take the Eucharist “in remembrance of me” is really geared toward remembering the theological significance of Good Friday (as it’s often been understood), or if he might rather be emphasizing [Read More…]

Sin the Chronic Illness

I know something about chronic illness in 2007 I contracted Lyme disease with a co-infection of Bartonella. To add to the bacterial stew my body was doing its best to fight off, a dormant Epstein-Barr Syndrome resurfaced. My immunity was so low that any defenses my body created were torn down. Since then I have [Read More…]