Blair consults a Lawyer

I just received this from Blair Hodges.  It is beyond bizarre!

William Hamblin’s recent blog post at Patheos is a libelous misrepresentation of a personal conversation between Dan Peterson and I. It also attacks me on the grounds of my livelihood and employment. I don’t want to involve a lawyer but I will consider it if something is not done to rectify this. I am sending you each direct notice on the counsel of a lawyer to ask you to desist in the defamation and to remove the defamatory material from the blog within the next three days. The offending blog post is here:

I have already given public notice that the post is false in the comments at the blog. I have two witnesses who overheard the conversation Hamblin misrepresents and who can also attest to the misrepresentation.

David, if you would like to contact me directly my phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

-Blair Hodges

I’d be happy to modify any part of my blog that is inaccurate.  So, what precisely is inaccurate?

Did you demand Dan explain his blog post, or not?
Did you follow him around, repeatedly making this demand, or not?
Did you repeatedly call him a coward, or not?
Did you say “All of you are cowards,” or not?

Please clarify the specific inaccuracies, and I’ll be happy to change the blog post.

(PS  If there were two witnesses present, then it was not a “private conversation.”)