Jenkins Response 6: Rules of Engagement

1- The first thing I need to note is that my major comments will appear under the header “Jenkins Response” (that is Hamblin’s Response to Jenkins).  Major comments from prof. Jenkins will appears as “Jenkins Rejoinder.”  Keep that in mind to follow the argument properly.

2- I have lots of projects I’m engaged in.  It may take a day or two before I post comments from prof Jenkins or others, and it may take a day or two before I respond.  We all need to be patient.

3- I won’t post anything from anonymous people.

4- I won’t post comments merely agreeing or disagreeing.  There has to be something substantive for a comment to be posted.

5- I won’t post comments that fly off on tangents, however interesting they may be.

6- I’m going to tighten things up on the comments.  I’m seriously considering just allowing comments from me and Prof. Jenkins.

My blog.  My rules.  Deal with it!  :-)