Hamblin 17: The Debate Thus Far

A parody of the debate thus far:

J: Show me evidence for the Book of Mormon!

H: I think we first need to discuss questions of presuppositions, methodology and epistemology in order to understand what would constitute evidence and how it can be interpreted properly.

J: No!  Show me evidence for the Book of Mormon!  Now!

H: Well, there’s lots of evidence and analysis presented in books and articles by LDS scholars.  Like Sorenson’s Mormon’s Codex.  Will you read them?

J: No!  All Mormon “scholars” are cranks and hacks!  I refuse to read anything they have to say!  Show me evidence for the Book of Mormon!  Now!

H: Well, I’m a Mormon scholars; if you won’t read books or articles from Mormon scholars why should I think you’d accept what I have to say?

J: You’re stalling!  There is no evidence for the Book of Mormon or you’d show it to me.

H: Well, I pointed to evidence in Sorenson’s Mormon’s Codex.

J:  That book is by a Mormon.  I want evidence, not pseudo-scientific crap!

H: Alright, you asked for examples of Nephite pottery; Before we can deal with that issue, we need to try to understand what pottery can and can’t tell us about the past.

J: No!  You’ve shown me no evidence!  I’ve won!

H: Sigh.


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