The Search for the Kingdom of God…A Work in Progress

I have the discombobulating experience of having been raised in 4 different countries on 3 different continents in both “1st” and “3rd” world countries. Though baptized in the Roman Catholic Church in the USA I grew up attending Mass and Protestant services in international communities around the world. There was also the added complexity of [Read More…]

On a Woman Sitting Down

She was just one more woman, sick and tired on another tiresome day of being told what to do, who to be. That Rosa. Does she know how funny it is that she took a stand by sitting down? Not funny in a “haha” kind of way, but funny, in the way tired women rising [Read More…]

On Broken Hallelujahs

“I am not in love with the Church.” I text it out and lay the phone quiet on my desk. The room fills with the late afternoon sun flood that always reminds me of magic. Nothing so luminous and revealing can be real. The dog lies lazy on the ragged sofa, long collie nose hanging [Read More…]