$1,000 Extra in 2018 Represents New Hope (And That Goes a Long Way)

The elitism of some journalists has reached peak levels this week. The best example comes from NBC’s Katy Tur, who tweeted this:

All due respect to Katy, but I’m sure this man is well aware that raising a child costs more than $1,000…

She followed it up with this one:

Again, the woman is surely smart enough to know that $1,000 isn’t going to purchase her home and send her two children to college.

But do you know what that $1,000 represents for these individuals — as well as a many others across the United States? HOPE. It represents the hope of prosperity to come — and the beginning of a dream they might have had trouble envisioning into reality.

Today, they learned they will have an extra $1,000 in 2018. Today, they realized they could start somewhere — and THIS is where they would start. It’s not just about the $1,000 — it’s about the symbolism of what a little extra can mean in the long run. It’s about what that extra money can do for someone mentally. Perhaps it ignites a new idea or inspires someone to find more ways to supplement their income.

It’s not just $1,000. It’s an engine that propels people with something more than dollars in the bank. The man wants to save for a family? Incredible. The woman wants to send her children to college? Maybe those are dreams that were drifting before this. Now, they’ve been re-ignited.

No, $1,000 doesn’t go an extremely long way. But there’s a lot more to it than math.

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