Join The Lent Experience

Lent begins this Wednesday March 5th. My good friend Eric Ferris has designed a user friendly discipleship program for Lent called The Lent Experience. If you are looking for some guidance or creative ways to structure your worship and discipleship through a Lenten journey this year, I encourage you to check out TLE. Here’s a [Read More...]

Logos Software Here I Come!


I’m heading to the great Northwest today, to Bellingham, WA. I’ll be hanging with the good folks at Logos Software for the week teaching a course on John’s Gospel for their Mobile Ed program.  It’s a really cool way to accesses excellent teaching resources. I’m really looking forward to it and thankful for the invitation, although [Read More...]

Grace in Early Judaism and Paul


I’ve been listening to Prof. John Barclay’s Galatians course offered a few years ago at Regent College. The audio of the course is available at Regent College audio. I strongly recommend the audio course! There are number of interesting and insightful discussions as one would expect from Barclay. One thing in particular was thought provoking. [Read More...]

Doug Moo’s Galatians Commentary


This is an unorthodox endorsement of Doug Moo’s Galatians commentary. Late last year, sometime in early November I think, I bumped into Doug Moo on campus at Wheaton (I’m you might say “moonlighting” at Wheaton College teaching as a guest professor here and there). I’ve known Doug for a number of years primarily as the father [Read More...]

Shucking Corn: The Theological Irrelevance of Historical Particularity


I’ve been thinking lately a lot about the problem of historical particularity in our reappropriation of Scripture. What I mean is that in order for Scripture to be applicable to our lives today a Bible reader (or preacher) must deal with the fact that the text is not written to them. In order to apply [Read More...]

No “Judaism” in the Ancient World?

I find Daniel Boyarin’s ideas always thought provoking, if not always convincing. This recent lecture on the term ioudaismos and its development in early Christianity is extremely important. The Lecture is a part of his current research for a book called Imagining No Judaism. The thesis of the book is “Judaism is not a native [Read More...]

The Four Most Important New Testament Words?

What if I told you that the Paul provides the key themes of the New Testament in his letter to the Galatians by means of a specific grammatical structure? In Galatians, four times Paul modifies an abstract noun with the genitive Christos. Notice the list we end up with: The Grace of the Messiah (1:6) The [Read More...]

What is the Mission of the Church? – Jürgen Moltmann

A few years ago, Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert published the book What Is the Mission of the Church?: Making Sense of Social Justice, Shalom, and the Great Commission. At that time I wrote an extensive review of the book on this blog. The general premise of the book was that the church’s mission is [Read More...]