Banning Circumcision: Scandinavia Merely Following the Legacy of the Gentile Church


There was a recent news report, perhaps you’ve seen it, that Scandinavian countries are seriously considering a ban on ritual circumcision. The Huffington Post reported: In September 2013, the Child Rights International Network released a joint statement from the Nordic Ombudsmen for children and pediatric experts which said, “As Ombudsmen for Children and pediatric experts we [Read More...]

A More Compassionate Christology – Grief-Generated Grace

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One of the themes of which I’ve been personally preoccupied in recent months is the idea of the suffering of God. I was just journalling this morning about my desire to be even more focused on this theme. I have been finding of late that my imagination has a significant amount of power in creating [Read More...]

“The Jews” in John’s Gospel


I’ll be teaching a course on John’s Gospel next month for Logos for their Mobile Ed program. I’m looking forward to it although it will be a new experience. It will be an additional treat to go out to the Seattle area for a week.  I’ve been teaching John at NPU for as long as I’ve [Read More...]

N.T. Wright: Who were the Pharisees?

After a very long discussion in PFG (80-196), Wright summarizes succinctly the worldview of the first-century Pharisees: Living somewhere on the spectrum between the extreme and possibly violent zeal of the ardent Shammaite and the extreme and possible flexible caution of the ardent Hillelite, the Pharisee was passionately concerned about the ancestral traditions, particularly the [Read More...]

Truth and the Fourfold Canonical Gospel

During SBL back in November, I had one of the most memorable and sweet times of conversations deepening friendship with Jonathan Pennington. On a whim, and quite by accident, we ended up spending a few hours hanging out in conversation. I’m so thankful for God’s providence. Our conversation ranged from Messianic Judaism to Matthew and [Read More...]

Women and Church Ministry: Relational Orbit

Late last year I wrote a post on women and church ministry and particularly my full embrace of the mutuality position otherwise known as egalitarianism, the view that women are gifted and called for every ministry of the church.  In a subsequent post, I followed up with a brief reflection on how my thinking about [Read More...]

Epiphany Prayer


I found this week’s prayer in the Collect for the second Sunday of Epiphany particularly impactful: Almighty God, whose Son our Savior Jesus Christ is the light of the world: Grant that your people, illumined by your Word and Sacraments, may shine with the radiance of Christ’s glory, that he may be known, worshiped, and [Read More...]

Mike Licona on the differences between the Gospel’s resurrection accounts

[Read more...]