The “never-ending screw”

Last week I was putting up a shelf using a molly bolt. These are bolts that you use to hold something in drywall. I took my drill put the 1/2 in. diameter hole into the wall, then put in the molly. Theoretically this is to hold the screw so then you can hang your self. [Read More...]

Perspectives on Davidic Messiah – m.Ed Podcast with myself and Mark Strauss


 A month or so ago I had the privilege of traveling for a second time to Bellingham, WA to teach a course for Logos’ Mobile Education program. That same week Mark Strauss of Bethel Seminary San Diego was also teaching a course. While we were both familiar with each other, it was not until our [Read More...]

The Purpose of the Christian University


The Christian university does not simply deposit ideas into mind-receptacles, thereby providing just enough education to enable credentialing for a job. No, the Christian university offers an education that is formative—a holistic education that not only provides knowledge but also shapes our fundamental orientation to the world. A Christian education cannot be contnet to produce [Read More...]

North Park University Has a Solid Ranking Among Christian Colleges


There’s only about a week more of the summer. Beginning August 18th faculty at NPU are back at it, getting ready for the beginning of a new academic year. I’ve been on sabbatical so I’ve felt pretty disconnected from things at NPU. But we are opening a new science and student life building in the [Read More...]

Embodied Discipleship


I’m currently working carefully through James A. K. Smith’s Cultural Liturgies series (2 volumes – Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation (Cultural Liturgies)and Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works (Cultural Liturgies)as part of a small project I’m doing on Lament. The paper is a reflection on the importance of practicing Lament in discipleship. While [Read More...]

A “Spring and Summer” Theology – A Grace Awakening


The talks on grace I gave in Czech provided me the opportunity to continue to deepen and sharpen my thinking. I call this sabbatical year a “grace awakening” for me, to borrow a title from Chuck Swindoll. I’ve undergone a theological transformation, one that would not have happened had it not been for the sabbatical year. I [Read More...]

Mount of Beatitudes

Here’s part 1 of the two part video on the Sermon on the Mount shot at the Mount of Beatitudes. If you are interested in Judson’s new MLM program check out the program website. [Read more...]

Czech Mission Trip Wrap Up

Ta Cesta Retreat

I’ve been quite inactive on the blog for the last few weeks. We had a great trip to the Czech Republic. It began with a few days in Pisek in Southern Bohemia by myself. I preached a sermon at Elim on the Gift of Marriage. Then for a few days I spent time with Christian [Read More...]