Reflection on Marlena Graves’s New Book: A Beautiful Disaster


The doctor opened the door for a second time while I waited in a small examination room. She apologized for delay; I’d been sitting in the empty room for 15 minutes waiting. Apparently the Infectious Disease specialist was in a meeting. She sighed with force, “Of all days he had a meeting!” My chest X-ray [Read More...]

Israel Here I Come!

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I leave tomorrow for about two weeks in Israel. It is something of the culmination of my year-long sabbatical, which I realize I’ve not spoken much about. While there, I’ll be studying Modern Hebrew for a week in Jerusalem at an Ulpan, touring the land with one of my best friends, Kelly Williams, and participating [Read More...]

My Blogging Life and Musings on My Writing Identity

Mike will attest to this. About once a year or so I email him and say something like, “Mike, I don’t know if I should continue to be your blog mate. I’ve not blogged in so long. And I feel guilty for not contributing to our blog. Maybe I should give it up.” Every time [Read More...]

This made me laugh out loud

HT: Sasha Flek [Read more...]

Bob (Gundry) on Tom (Wright)

In the recent issue of BBR (24.1, pp. 57-73), Bob Gundry published a critique of Tom Wright’s very popular book How God Became King called “An Exegetical and Biblical Theological Evaluation of N.T. Wright’s How God Became King: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels.  Many of course will know this book. It is typical of [Read More...]

Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity


His name was Encyclopedia Brown. He was a protagonist of about 10 years old who in my third grade year I  thought was the most interesting character in story. And I was  a boy who cared little for reading. It has been many years since third grade and to be hones I’ve only thought about [Read More...]

Logos Bible Software – I’m a Big Fan

I had the privilege of spending a week in Bellingham, WA with Logos Bible Software a few weeks ago filming a course on the Gospel of John for their new Mobile Ed. program. Before the invitation to participate in their program I had little experience or exposure to Logos. The whole thing has been something [Read More...]

Pistis Christou – A Working Hypothesis

This week I posted on Facebook that I have taken a view, finally (!), on the meaning of Pistis Christou. That’s what happens when you write a commentary on Galatians. Arm chair opinions aren’t adequate. Most of you will know its the much talked about Pauline phrase especially found in Galatians (2:16 [2x], 2:20, and [Read More...]