Listening to Scripture and Telling You What I Hear

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I came across a great story about Karl Barth. During one of Barth’s seminars in the 1950′s a debate arose among students in the class about his method in Church Dogmatics. This debate, as it was recounted, was heated and lasted for over an hour. During the debate Barth remained silent; he puffed on his [Read More...]

Lament Words in Lent

The Lenten season reminds us that the life of faith is a complex ball of grief and joy. With grief always being the first in sequence. Walter Bruuggemann gives me food for thought: Much of Christian piety and spirituality is romantic and unreal in its positiveness. As children of the Enlightenment, we  have censored and [Read More...]

Join The Lent Experience

Lent begins this Wednesday March 5th. My good friend Eric Ferris has designed a user friendly discipleship program for Lent called The Lent Experience. If you are looking for some guidance or creative ways to structure your worship and discipleship through a Lenten journey this year, I encourage you to check out TLE. Here’s a [Read More...]

Logos Software Here I Come!


I’m heading to the great Northwest today, to Bellingham, WA. I’ll be hanging with the good folks at Logos Software for the week teaching a course on John’s Gospel for their Mobile Ed program.  It’s a really cool way to accesses excellent teaching resources. I’m really looking forward to it and thankful for the invitation, although [Read More...]

Grace in Early Judaism and Paul


I’ve been listening to Prof. John Barclay’s Galatians course offered a few years ago at Regent College. The audio of the course is available at Regent College audio. I strongly recommend the audio course! There are number of interesting and insightful discussions as one would expect from Barclay. One thing in particular was thought provoking. [Read More...]

Doug Moo’s Galatians Commentary


This is an unorthodox endorsement of Doug Moo’s Galatians commentary. Late last year, sometime in early November I think, I bumped into Doug Moo on campus at Wheaton (I’m you might say “moonlighting” at Wheaton College teaching as a guest professor here and there). I’ve known Doug for a number of years primarily as the father [Read More...]

Shucking Corn: The Theological Irrelevance of Historical Particularity


I’ve been thinking lately a lot about the problem of historical particularity in our reappropriation of Scripture. What I mean is that in order for Scripture to be applicable to our lives today a Bible reader (or preacher) must deal with the fact that the text is not written to them. In order to apply [Read More...]

No “Judaism” in the Ancient World?

I find Daniel Boyarin’s ideas always thought provoking, if not always convincing. This recent lecture on the term ioudaismos and its development in early Christianity is extremely important. The Lecture is a part of his current research for a book called Imagining No Judaism. The thesis of the book is “Judaism is not a native [Read More...]