A Solution to the Problem of the Historical Origins of the Bible and Jesus

I found this very interesting passage in Martin Kähler’s The So-Called Historical Jesus and the Historic Biblical Christ. Kähler offers his solution to the knotty problem of the historical origins of both the Bible and Jesus. Kähler places supreme value on the history of the effects of Jesus and the Bible as evidence for its reliability and credibility. The great reality of [Read More...]

Textbooks for the Fall Semester


The required textbooks for my three courses at NPU in the fall semester: 4th Year Seminar - Topic: Theological Interpretation of Scripture Introduction to the Bible Jesus of Nazareth [Read more...]

The “never-ending screw”

Last week I was putting up a shelf using a molly bolt. These are bolts that you use to hold something in drywall. I took my drill put the 1/2 in. diameter hole into the wall, then put in the molly. Theoretically this is to hold the screw so then you can hang your self. [Read More...]

Perspectives on Davidic Messiah – m.Ed Podcast with myself and Mark Strauss


 A month or so ago I had the privilege of traveling for a second time to Bellingham, WA to teach a course for Logos’ Mobile Education program. That same week Mark Strauss of Bethel Seminary San Diego was also teaching a course. While we were both familiar with each other, it was not until our [Read More...]

The Purpose of the Christian University


The Christian university does not simply deposit ideas into mind-receptacles, thereby providing just enough education to enable credentialing for a job. No, the Christian university offers an education that is formative—a holistic education that not only provides knowledge but also shapes our fundamental orientation to the world. A Christian education cannot be contnet to produce [Read More...]

North Park University Has a Solid Ranking Among Christian Colleges


There’s only about a week more of the summer. Beginning August 18th faculty at NPU are back at it, getting ready for the beginning of a new academic year. I’ve been on sabbatical so I’ve felt pretty disconnected from things at NPU. But we are opening a new science and student life building in the [Read More...]

Embodied Discipleship


I’m currently working carefully through James A. K. Smith’s Cultural Liturgies series (2 volumes – Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation (Cultural Liturgies)and Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works (Cultural Liturgies)as part of a small project I’m doing on Lament. The paper is a reflection on the importance of practicing Lament in discipleship. While [Read More...]

A “Spring and Summer” Theology – A Grace Awakening


The talks on grace I gave in Czech provided me the opportunity to continue to deepen and sharpen my thinking. I call this sabbatical year a “grace awakening” for me, to borrow a title from Chuck Swindoll. I’ve undergone a theological transformation, one that would not have happened had it not been for the sabbatical year. I [Read More...]