Blessed Are the Peace Makers

I’m partnering with the Christian Ministries Department of Judson University in teaching a couple of courses in the brand new Masters of Leadership in Ministry. The following is part two of a two-part series shot while I was in Israel in the middle of May. Judson is using videos I shot in Israel to promote the MLM [Read More...]

“Like the Dead Sea”

The Lumineers are right about the “Dead Sea”! [Read more...]

Torah as Interpretation and Paul’s Dying to the Torah (Gal 2:19)

We know the Torah, in this case I mean the book of Moses, was a central element of “Common Judaism” of the late Second Temple Period, the historical period of the New Testament. Jesus’ lifestyle was shaped by it as were the lives of the Apostles and earliest Jewish believers in Jesus. But something that [Read More...]

The Disinheriting of the Promise Land to Inherit the World? . . . “Wait what?!”

When Paul said “Inheriting the world” (Rom 4:13) did he universalize the Abrahamic blessing? Yes and no. I have read and heard commentators (e.g. Tom Wright – but many more) who think that Paul’s statement in Romans 4:13 means that the Land promise to Israel has been universalized to the exclusion of the concrete promise [Read More...]

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 7.16.15 AM

I was in Israel a few weeks ago and shot a number of videos. In this video I introduce the Dead Sea Scrolls and describe their significance for Christian faith. For an accessible introduction check out my book The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls: How They Were Discovered and What They Mean [Read More...]

Mission Czech Republic Summer 2014

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I’d like to invite you to partner with me as I serve this July in the Czech Republic. For our longterm blog readers you may remember that I have come to love deeply our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Czech. Over the course of the last three years, I have had the privilege [Read More...]

Guest Post: Jason Hood


It was an awkward an email to get: my primary supervisor was leaving the school where I had only recently registered as a young doctoral student in New Testament. There are several possible steps; muddle through with a departed supervisor; change schools; or stay at the school and try a new supervisor. The college authorities [Read More...]

Reflection on Marlena Graves’s New Book: A Beautiful Disaster


The doctor opened the door for a second time while I waited in a small examination room. She apologized for delay; I’d been sitting in the empty room for 15 minutes waiting. Apparently the Infectious Disease specialist was in a meeting. She sighed with force, “Of all days he had a meeting!” My chest X-ray [Read More...]