No. But, like Forest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that.” Instead I’d like to refer to you a great book on this very issue. It was written by a friend of mine actually.  Lisa & I worked on a National leadership team for InterVarsity a few years ago. What I know about her is that she is brave, wonderful, God-fearing, highly intelligent, passionate, a visionary and one of the most respectable human beings I have… Read more

  Okay, no.  But it feels like it.  Read on for understanding… I’m pretty sure I got a C or D on one of my midterms today & I may have turned in today one of the most crap papers I’ve ever done.Ever.I’m about 90% for certain that I don’t have my identity wrapped up in being an “A” student, a “B” student or in just being a student. So, the only reason I can figure out that school is… Read more

Good news first: 1.  It’s mid-terms!  I am half way done with my 1st full time semester & I’m alive! 🙂 2.  I love limewire.  I bought a 12-month subscription for $35 in July & in the last two weeks I’ve literally downloaded like 600 songs.  My fave recent albums: Pink (who doesn’t love “So What”???), Jennifer Hudson & Selah (a really cool bro/sis team that sings Christian hymns, Gospel & praise stuff acapella).  Now that I spend 10 hours a… Read more

I’ve been going deep & heavy in the blogging world, so can we go lighter for today? 🙂 First off, I’m a HUGE Project Runway fan & in order to indulge it I have to watch it in 10 minute increments on YouTube.  What did you think?  I personally was so sad for Jerell & though they have edited Kenley to be obnoxious she is a great designer, so I was torn.  Korto & LeAnn are clearly the top 2… Read more

I’ve been getting behind in Greek. Not understanding Greek. Not enjoying Greek. Wanting to strangle the ancient greeks. Envisioning throwing my Greek New Testament in my toilet…all 1,752 pages individually, in shreds, burned as well. It’s a bad day when a Christian wants to burn a Bible. That’s how much anxiety Greek is causing me! I’ve also been sick of the drive. And I’ve been missing Ransom a lot during the day. And I miss my husband. And I feel… Read more

1. Despite studying 3 hours, I got a “D” on a test. My second “D” in that particular class. Arrrrgghhh. 2. Because I had to study and Dave was out of town I let Ransom watch 2 hours of TV straight. Not good. I feel deplorable for that one. 3. We also missed church. Arrrgghh. 4. I almost had to wrestle a man to the ground. Here’s the story… Ran & I stopped in what could be termed, “the hood”… Read more

This is what happens when one gets a GOOD press with a GOOD cut.  My hair is fierce! I think Michael, my hair dude is basically a magician b/c if you would have saw the condition of my hair after the summer…oh lawdy…it was bad. kudos, to Michael Todd. I’m forever yours. Read more

First off, I need your input.  On Friday, Eugene Peterson -of The Message- fame is coming to my school to speak in chapel & since classes are canceled that day I was hoping to save myself the $50 in gas & get some extra studying done.  After chapel is a really nice lunch & then some really cool theater team.  Should I go?  Having now studied Greek for a mere 4 weeks I have a new & profound respect for… Read more

  Thanks to the wide world of facebook, last week I connected with Jerald Degraffenreid.  Who? Jerald Degraffenreid.  The only black person I know with a last name longer than 12 letters.  Also, my nearest & dearest friend growing up in the 17,000th block of Braile in Detroit, MI. Our houses were literally no more than 4 ft. apart and in our prepubescent years we could both go upstairs and pass things to one another from the second floor.  We… Read more

This baby needs a name. My first wordpress blog name was : “This is Interesting.” Yesterday I changed it to “we could all use a little grace.” Now I’m thinking of these options: 1.  “black.white.grace” 2. black, white & grace all over 3. black + white = grace or something with the name grace in it.  Got any ideas? Whatever I chose I want it to be the NEW domain name…. as I’m still trying to weed “gracee” out of… Read more

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