Very Random Rumblings…

First off, I need your input.  On Friday, Eugene Peterson -of The Message- fame is coming to my school to speak in chapel & since classes are canceled that day I was hoping to save myself the $50 in gas & get some extra studying done.  After chapel is a really nice lunch & then some really cool theater team.  Should I go?  Having now studied Greek for a mere 4 weeks I have a new & profound respect for Eugene Peterson in that he translated all of the Old & New Testaments, so much so that I could fall at his feet and say "how did you possibly do it?"  Greek is not coming easy to me at all.  I need a tutor. blah.  Go or not go?Another reason I was hoping to make Fri. a study day is because I am being sucked back into the InterVarsity fold and being forced to attend some regional leadership meetings for the next two days.  It's really inconvenient in terms of child-care, missing classes, study time, sleep, etc. but on the other hand I am finding myself really missing … [Read more...]

The miseducation of Jerald Degraffenreid

 Thanks to the wide world of facebook, last week I connected with Jerald Degraffenreid.  Who?Jerald Degraffenreid.  The only black person I know with a last name longer than 12 letters.  Also, my nearest & dearest friend growing up in the 17,000th block of Braile in Detroit, MI.Our houses were literally no more than 4 ft. apart and in our prepubescent years we could both go upstairs and pass things to one another from the second floor.  We started playing together when I was 4 and he was 1.  We didn’t grow apart until I was 15 and he was 12 and of course, I was “like way too cool to like hang out with like, a 12 year old.”  Thankfully, we started hanging again when we both grew up.  In the words of Forrest Gump, “Jerald was my best good friend,” and was always the little bro I never had.But then I hit 19.  I started following Jesus, I got crazy involved with InterVarsity and lo and behold I started actually studying.  I worked a lot, I got married, moved to Kalamazoo, h … [Read more...]

Will you help me name this baby?

This baby needs a name.My first wordpress blog name was : "This is Interesting."Yesterday I changed it to "we could all use a little grace."Now I'm thinking of these options:1.  "black.white.grace"2. black, white & grace all over3. black + white = graceor something with the name grace in it.  Got any ideas?Whatever I chose I want it to be the NEW domain name.... as I'm still trying to weed "gracee" out of my life... so this new blog name will be quite permanent.I want to communicate something about the idea of grace.  I also wanted to do something that had black and white in it and that's because I am black & white.  It's inconvenient not to be able to categorize myself in a more simple way, but that is how God made me.  In addition to that, the book I hope to put out first will be about racial issues, my racial memoir if you will, so I was hoping maybe the blog title could coincide.  Is that a lame idea??Lastly, I thought maybe it could h … [Read more...]

if i may, i’d like to say –I’m proud.

I had forgot about the debate tonight... what a dork... anyway I happened to catch the last 8 minutes of it.  I was watching on myspace's live webcast & so they let it linger for a full minute after the debate was over.Long enough to see each one go up & greet their wives, and then all four come back on stage to wave.I must say, I had a moment of great pride seeing a black couple up there.  Man, it just felt awesome to see Barack & Michelle on stage.  I had one of those so-proud-to-be-black moments.In context, I have a black experience in America class, as I pursue a Masters degree.  Something my professor said last night hit home.  He said -as a politician- people always ask him, "isn't it great that we have a black candidate?"  To which he said something along the lines of.... It's sort of sad that we put men on the moon years before even having a single black candidate for president.  (Though we've been here for over 10 generations, etc.)Now there's a thou … [Read more...]

fit thieves for women

A few years ago I took part in Fit Zone's for women so-called "21 day fitness study" where they basically rope you in to becoming a member by paying the 1st year in advance for a fraction of the price.At first things were all good... until I had a baby.  The problem is they don't open until 8:30am, so a working mom can't get up early to work out before work.  The next problem is they close at 8:30pm, so a working mother can't go to work out after said mommy has put the baby(ies) to bed!  What type of stupid establishment has such horrible hours & yet claims to cater to women?Anyway, I was pouring over our credit card bills to generate a financial report for our new financial planner -which I am so excited about- to know just how much money we typically waste a year & on what and I noticed that Fit Zone had overcharged me by $350 last April.  Yep, they overcharge us by $350 buck-a-roos.... and yes, to my shame I didn't notice it until now.So, not only do these thi … [Read more...]

Are we “one of those” types of parents?

 Ransom has been in young 3’s pre-school for 2.5 weeks now & I fear we have all ready established the “those kind of parents” reputation.Oy.First of all, we registered late and then came late to the orientation, and then Dave had to leave early.It was obvious.Because we were late, we are the only parents who aren’t signed up to help drive for the field trips… all year.Then, because of my own trifliness of reading his schedule wrong, Ransom missed his first day.I just looked at the sheet all wrong.On Ransom’s actual 1st day I couldn’t even be there b/c I had class so Dave just dropped him off –no pics, special hugs, nothin’.I’m sure we looked like uncaring parents.Then, each parent has to do some craft preparation and the craft we were supposed to do, Dave picked up on Tuesday (on his days) & forgot to give it to me until Thursdays (my days) which also happened to be the day it was due… so, the Clifford cut-out ears were late.Then, they gave us a fundraiser … [Read more...]

Well, this is weird

For some reason now that I am on my sabbatical and it represents such a dramatic upheaval of my life as it was known to me just 2 short months ago, every little change -including moving my blog from myspace/facebook/xanga- feels like such a dramatic undergoing.  Feels, a little weird.  Lonely even.  Not knowing if anyone will actually read this.  Starting over with new readers.  Sheesh.I've contemplated that perhaps the fact that I don't easily accept change perfectly counters the fact that I always have to have some big challenge in my life to be content so that I am always introducing change in my life which inevitably stresses me out for some time before I actually realize I'm happy about it.  So, in 3 months I promise you I will write something to the effect of, "oh, how I love wordpress & it's the best thing that has ever happened to me," though today I am sure I've made a huge mistake.Next month, the hubby & I are throwing caution to the wind & trying to get pr … [Read more...]