Will you help me name this baby?

Will you help me name this baby? September 27, 2008

This baby needs a name.

My first wordpress blog name was : “This is Interesting.”

Yesterday I changed it to “we could all use a little grace.”

Now I’m thinking of these options:

1.  “black.white.grace”

2. black, white & grace all over

3. black + white = grace

or something with the name grace in it.  Got any ideas?

Whatever I chose I want it to be the NEW domain name…. as I’m still trying to weed “gracee” out of my life… so this new blog name will be quite permanent.

I want to communicate something about the idea of grace.  I also wanted to do something that had black and white in it and that’s because I am black & white.  It’s inconvenient not to be able to categorize myself in a more simple way, but that is how God made me.  In addition to that, the book I hope to put out first will be about racial issues, my racial memoir if you will, so I was hoping maybe the blog title could coincide.  Is that a lame idea??

Lastly, I thought maybe it could have a nod to something spiritual, something about faith, or God or something since that is the most important part of my life.

I’m torn & I’m open to some creative dialogue.  What do you think?

Help me name this baby!  Winner gets bragging rights!







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