Well, this is weird

Well, this is weird September 22, 2008

For some reason now that I am on my sabbatical and it represents such a dramatic upheaval of my life as it was known to me just 2 short months ago, every little change -including moving my blog from myspace/facebook/xanga- feels like such a dramatic undergoing.  Feels, a little weird.  Lonely even.  Not knowing if anyone will actually read this.  Starting over with new readers.  Sheesh.

I’ve contemplated that perhaps the fact that I don’t easily accept change perfectly counters the fact that I always have to have some big challenge in my life to be content so that I am always introducing change in my life which inevitably stresses me out for some time before I actually realize I’m happy about it.  So, in 3 months I promise you I will write something to the effect of, “oh, how I love wordpress & it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me,” though today I am sure I’ve made a huge mistake.

Next month, the hubby & I are throwing caution to the wind & trying to get preggo.  Despite all of the options in front of me that feel completely life-giving & just plain old fun what I really really really want is more kids.  (If your counting, 1 more of my own & like 3-4 adopted kids).  If I actually do get preggo, by 8 weeks in I’ll be exhausted unable to read my books, stay awake while commuting &/or studying ancient Greek & I will complain on my blog about how miserable I am being in the early stages of pregnancy while taking 6 classes and what I would like all of you to say to me then is:

shut up.

don’t mind this picture below.  I just needed a place to “put it.”  (ask me later) =)

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