another Biskie conception…

another Biskie conception… June 14, 2009

Wouldn’t it be cool if I was referring to us having twins?  (Oddly enough, we were both strangely disappointed we were only having one this time around).

Anyway, Dave & I are about 98% certain we are going to start a blog together!  We spent the 2.5 hr. drive today to see his Grandma talking about all our ideas for it, and got down a list of the 1st 42 posts.  Yes, you read that right, we all ready know the 1st 42 posts!

9367Another reason, I’m super excited is because this will be something we’ll do together for our work with InterVarsity.  Many of you know we work together for InterVarsity, but what many don’t understand is that our strengths are so equally opposite it almost always forces us into different directions and focuses within our roles.  I.E. If we both train at a conference, I’m in one seminar he’s in another.  We lead different teams on the same campus and add our .2 cents to other national teams that don’t typically work together or interact.

So, anyway, our blog is going to be about how black student ministry and InterVarsity connect.  It will have super duper focused content for a super duper focused readership: those who are black or non-black but pursuing black student ministry and those who are students or staff of InterVarsity.  If you don’t fit into any one of those 4 categories you probably won’t enjoy this blog at all.

We are hoping to challenge black students to commit to InterVarsity while giving InterVarsity students & staff resources to reach black students more effectively.  BCM work is also something both of us love & feel passionate about.  Both of us got our start in InterVarsity with BCM work & as many of you know, when I start back to work in Aug. I’ll be the BCM Coordinator for Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania & W. Virgina.  Meaning, I get paid to oversee, coordinate, help & make BCM “work” in all those states.  I’m so friggin’ excited about it!!!   So, this targeted blog is right up our alley!00_home copy

My creative genius husband can come up with a good strategy & ideas in a SNAP & if I can carry it out in equally creative & productive way… our partnership is KILLA!

So, here here to another Biskie conception.  Were hoping to roll this idea out sometime in mid-August.

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