“baby wearing”

“baby wearing” June 15, 2009

Did you know that “baby wearing” is sort of a big deal?  I had never even heard of the term until my friend Serina brought it up to me a few years ago.  Who knew?  Here I thought when you felt like wearing your baby you go out & buy a $90 Baby B’jorn & get on with your day.  Not so!  There are apparently a million different ways to wear the little rascal.  And many of my more “natural mom” friends have thought of them all!

When Ran was 3 months old I went out & splurged on the b’jorn only to find out it killed my back.  Ransom was carried all right –in a car seat!  Or he was always in a stroller.  I didn’t even think to go out and buy a $15 sling.  But this time around, I’ve got too much going on to always have a heavy stroller/car seat combo along with my giant laptop case, purse & Ransom.

Anyway, a very nice friend of mine, Ally decided she would help me plunge into this new world by making me own infant carrier (she calls something really cool, I’ve all ready forgotten).  We went to Fields fabrics where I was able to pick out my own fierce materials that -as Dave reminded me- had to be men & woman friendly.

Kudos, to Ally!  It turned out brilliant!  The red/orange/yellow black side is for me –of course.  The black/white stripe side is for Dave, though he says it’s “still too feminine for his taste.”  I say, “it’s very metro-sexual, hun.”

Please forgive my model.  Wearing her p.j.’s with a head wrap on!  Jeez!

I’m so excited to show off my new son in it soon…

front facing "baby" /worn on the front
front facing "baby" /worn on the front
rear facing "baby" / worn on the front
rear facing "baby" / worn on the front
front facing bambino / worn on the back
front facing bambino / worn on the back
matching handy-dandy carrying case
matching handy-dandy carrying case

What do you think?  Do you love?  I think it’s sugar sharp!

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