if i may, i’d like to say –I’m proud.

if i may, i’d like to say –I’m proud. September 27, 2008

I had forgot about the debate tonight… what a dork… anyway I happened to catch the last 8 minutes of it.  I was watching on myspace’s live webcast & so they let it linger for a full minute after the debate was over.

Long enough to see each one go up & greet their wives, and then all four come back on stage to wave.

I must say, I had a moment of great pride seeing a black couple up there.  Man, it just felt awesome to see Barack & Michelle on stage.  I had one of those so-proud-to-be-black moments.

In context, I have a black experience in America class, as I pursue a Masters degree.  Something my professor said last night hit home.  He said -as a politician- people always ask him, “isn’t it great that we have a black candidate?”  To which he said something along the lines of…. It’s sort of sad that we put men on the moon years before even having a single black candidate for president.  (Though we’ve been here for over 10 generations, etc.)

Now there’s a thought.

So, I guess there is no hiding it now… I’m voting for Obama & I’m soooooooooooooooooo excited.  And I guess, I should say this because after this post, there will be those that wonder….

The answer is…

NO!  I’m not just voting for Obama because he’s black.  His ethnic heritage is one of 10 reasons I’m voting for Obama.


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