fit thieves for women

fit thieves for women September 27, 2008

A few years ago I took part in Fit Zone’s for women so-called “21 day fitness study” where they basically rope you in to becoming a member by paying the 1st year in advance for a fraction of the price.

At first things were all good… until I had a baby.  The problem is they don’t open until 8:30am, so a working mom can’t get up early to work out before work.  The next problem is they close at 8:30pm, so a working mother can’t go to work out after said mommy has put the baby(ies) to bed!  What type of stupid establishment has such horrible hours & yet claims to cater to women?

Anyway, I was pouring over our credit card bills to generate a financial report for our new financial planner -which I am so excited about- to know just how much money we typically waste a year & on what and I noticed that Fit Zone had overcharged me by $350 last April.  Yep, they overcharge us by $350 buck-a-roos…. and yes, to my shame I didn’t notice it until now.

So, not only do these thieves have horrible hours, they steal your money, don’t offer you a pool or a jacuzzi and make you pay extra to tan.

Thieves I tell ya, thieves!

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