“Think Twice Before Calling the Cops on the Mentally Ill”

yeah: A social worker who cares for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled has now contacted me to explain why he prefers that people avoid calling the police if at all possible when it comes to the sorts of disabled people for whom he cares. In fact, the danger of dialing 911 is something he emphasizes in all orientation sessions for new employees at the organization where he works. And when one of his organization’s charges becomes loud or disruptive in a public place, as inevitably h … [Read more...]

Time Considered As a Helix of Grimy Fingernail Clippings: Samuel R. Delany’s Weirdly Prescient “Driftglass”

I just finished reading a collection of Samuel R. Delany's short stories and novellas from the mid- to late-'60s, Driftglass (link is to the copy I bought at BookMarx, with the ultra-cheesy fishman cover), and man, I always forget just how good his best work is. Here's a rundown of what's in this collection."The Star-Pit": The first story is by far the best--worth the price of admission for this alone. It's startlingly contemporary. It's a story about working-class men and their longing for … [Read more...]

Important Ice-Cream Update

Uh, putting a whole chocolate bar in your ice-cream soda is a bad idea, don't do that. Libresco noted that she'd always just eaten ice cream + soda (as indicated by the name of the drink) and I tried that and it was great! I grew up on ice-cream sodas made by this amazing Jamaican ice cream parlor near home, where they would replace the chocolate syrup with hot fudge if you asked, and their ice-cream sodas always had this exotic tang, not quite cinnamon but cinnamon-adjacent... but you know, … [Read more...]

Ye Canna Change the Laws of Physics!: A Chocolaty Kitchen Adventure

So I tried to make an ice-cream soda today. I made... something!First attempt: Maybe two scoops of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy ice cream (I KNOW, you don't have to say anything) went into a big glass. Then I melted a Lindt chili chocolate bar in the microwave and poured that in. Then started to fill the glass with club soda but realized that the melted chocolate bar would make things fairly warm, so I added some ice cubes, then filled to the brim w/soda water.At which point the … [Read more...]

Penitence in Easter: Great Post by an Anglican Bishop

...The New Testament suggests that there is nothing more paschal in character, nothing more closely aligned with the great transitus of Jesus’ death and resurrection, than the transitional moment represented by our repentance and God’s forgiveness, which brings new life out of the death we’ve constructed for ourselves.Rowan Williams noted in his book Resurrection that the disciples’ experience of resurrection was inextricably linked to their own desertion of him and their failure as his frien … [Read more...]

“Gay & Celibate”: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

profile mostly of Wesley Hill, w/some commentary from others: Wesley Hill is convinced that taking a road less traveled doesn’t have to be a lonely journey.Mr. Hill, a professor at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, and a small corps of other writers around the country have churned out a small library of books and blog posts, united in a single premise.They believe gay Christians can and should affirm their sexual orientation — but should also commit to celibacy.The stance runs … [Read more...]

“These Cops Are Tired of White People Getting Freaked Out By Their Black Neighbors”

Washington Post again... The stories pile on. A white security officer tells of the year he and his black wife lived in an apartment complex. "She got cops called a total of 9 times in the year we lived there I got zero," he says. A retired cop recalls the time a "lady called scared to death because some black guy was sitting in his truck across from her house" -- it was the water meter reader. more … [Read more...]