IRANIAN DISSIDENTS ONLINE: Good update article from Reason. … [Read more...]

MARRIAGEDEBATE MANIA! New question of the week, plus possible future QOTW's. Future possible questions (obviously meant more to spur discussion than to provoke quick yes-or-no answers): What shouldn't you do outside of wedlock?Who are a child's parents?"Marriage will help tame gay men." True, false, insulting, irrelevant?Why don't you suggest some too? Drop me a line at week's question: "Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage..."Any … [Read more...]

HORROR IN RUSSIA: I can't read most news reports of the atrocities committed in Beslan. I just can't. Even small details like the one Elizabeth Marquardt mentions here make me incoherent and weepy. Here are a few links I've been able to get through, though: At the Yale Free Press blog, Yevgeny Vilensky speculates on the ethnic/religious conflicts in the region of Russia where the massacre took place.GetReligion looks at the religious aspects.I note that I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS … [Read more...]

"BEYOND THE ROOTS OF ABU GHRAIB": Steve Andreasen...Perhaps the Senate Armed Services Committee can further resolve the issue of responsibility when it holds its hearing this week to receive testimony on the Schlesinger report, as well as on a report released in August by the Army investigating detainee abuses at Abu Ghraib. Specifically: • Did either the Schlesinger or Army investigations interview officials in the White House or at the Justice Department regarding the February or August 2002 … [Read more...]

Used to be his blogwatch, now you're not the only one...Telford Work: "Every literary genre comes with conventions and expectations: documentary, reporting, commentary, preaching, etc. Journalistic conviction and practice are increasingly incompatible with the conventions and expectations of its traditional genres."The problem is that editors and reporters are letting go of their old (false) notions of objectivity and balance without properly embracing the virtues of trust, fairness, … [Read more...]

AS LONG AS I'M SCRATCHING AT PATRICK BELTON'S INTERVIEW, I should note that I could not agree with this statement more: "The reason that we have got a superficial politics in this country is that we've got a superficial press." … [Read more...]