POETRY WEDNESDAY, REDUX: Not Auden! This poem, at Dappled Things. … [Read more...]


POETRY WEDNESDAY: VAUDEVILLE SHALL PREACH: Auden, of course. Who could resist in this, our hour of need? (I have nothing to declare but my obsession.) First a small sharp cutting from "The More Loving One":Were all stars to disappear or die, I should learn to look at an empty sky And feel its total dark sublime, Though this might take me a little time.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Much more to follow. I have the final symptom of … [Read more...]


O TELL ME THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE: There are no responses to your query.(I owe that particular search-result to The Rat, of course--let the more cultured one be her. More Auden presently as I am obsessed.) … [Read more...]


THESE PICTURES OF YOU: COMICS REVIEWS. Let's go!Finder: Mystery Date. Wow, I'm so conflicted about this book. First off, I am a Carla Speed McNeil completist at this point. I'm addicted to the Samuel Delany-esque Finder world. This is wonderful science fiction, extending out beyond the borders of the page; rough and weird and sprawling just like real life. It feels like McNeil is describing the Finder world, rather than creating it.But. Um. This volume feels... lecture-y. Now, that's maybe … [Read more...]


COSTUMED VIGILANTES: an exchange between me and Jason Spak. He gets the last word.Me: Here.Jason: What you wrote about Dahlia Lithwick pleased me. Like you, I get annoyed when lefty commentators "give[] us nothing other than personal policy-outcome preferences as a guideline for how judges should interpret the law." I read the other blog entries you linked to, and concluded that if you're on crack, one wouldn't know it from reading your thoughts on constitutional interpretation.Do … [Read more...]


"SHIP COMES IN": AND THE DOORS SWING BACK AND FORWARD, FROM THE PAST INTO THE PRESENT. The next section of the Norse myths story. More domestic fighting--and Loki's murder trial.A few points and questions: 1) Yes, I know, I keep saying "Aesir" when I mean Aesir and Vanir. I'm going to fix that in the revised version.2) I also know the flashbacks-within-flashbacks are hard to follow. Please email me if you have comments about that; it's something I'll definitely be fixing in the revised … [Read more...]


LINK ROUND-UP: "The Struggle Over the Torture Memos": "At its annual meeting in Atlanta last week, the American Bar Association called for a bipartisan investigation into the Bush administration's internal deliberations about interrogation and detention that may have led to the torture of prisoners in Iraq."At the same time, 180 prominent lawyers, judges and law professors signed a statement calling for the administration to release any remaining confidential memos relating to the treatment of … [Read more...]