LABOR PAINS: Don’t have time to blog about this now. I have a lot to say here. Here’s a more in-depth story that gets at some of the particular weirdnesses, tragedies, and dramas of the situation–”devout” Catholic homosexual couple a) uh, is a homosexual couple; b) procures the services of a surrogate mother; c) with [Read More...]

Take this blog and watch it– I ain’t workin’ here no more!!!… Actually, I love my job. But right now I’m up to my ears in work, and Blogger is flipping, so, uh, yeah. Here’s some stuff to read, assuming this post ever gets published. The Chickpea Eater has more bashing of Objectivism: The Philosophy [Read More...]

“Do you think beer has food value, Miss Doyle?” –Robert Ryan to Barbara Stanwyck, “Clash By Night” [Read more...]

FAUX EGALITARIANS: Another problem with trying to sustain an institution (even a small one) while promoting an egalitarian ideology: Real inequalities become hidden behind a screen of egalitarian rhetoric. Here is just one example of this phenomenon, which I saw a lot at college. For a brief period I hung out with a lefty group [Read More...]

Billie Jean is not my blogwatch She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one… Blogging will be light this week, like last week (and for the same reasons, argh)… Radley Balko: Straight update; letters debate on Bono and whether foreign aid can truly be made “transparent.” Dappled Things: Did Henry VIII delay [Read More...]

“Oh, Raymond, what is the matter with you? You look as if your head were going to grow to a point in the next thirteen seconds.” –Angela Lansbury to her son, “The Manchurian Candidate” [Read more...]

DISPELLING ELVISH PROPAGANDA. Lots of fun. Link via Los Volokh. [Read more...]

A CRUEL PRO-LIFE STANCE: So coming home from the pregnancy center last night I was thinking about something you’ll hear at times from the mouths of people who oppose abortion. (Almost always, but not quite always, these people are men.) “If you aren’t prepared to do the time, don’t do the crime”–in other words, you [Read More...]

VOCATION AND THE “ONE BEST WAY”: The Christian notion of vocation means that there is no “one best way” to reach God. This is played out really clearly at the end of Book One of The Faerie Queene, when Arthur and the Redcrosse Knight go their separate ways. Throughout Book One “duality,” doubleness, was associated [Read More...]

THE POLITICS OF DANCING II: So the Willis book also spurred me to think about the postmodern love of contradiction–holding contradictory beliefs or impulses, and not attempting to reconcile them. And this naturally led me to the Cat Power song “Say.” And thus I bring you the second installment of The Politics of Dancing, an [Read More...]