I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU CAN RESIST CLICKING THIS LINK: "Old editions of the Yale Songbook included a German drinking song called 'The Pope.' This was its first stanza: 'The Pope, he leads a jolly life / He's free from every care and strife. / He drinks the best of Rhenish wine, / I wish the Pope's gay life were mine.'"if you're hesitating, may I point out that this is Rick Brookhiser? (And it's a substantive piece, well worth your time.)Via The Corner. … [Read more...]


12. ME AND MY SNOWBALL ONCE AGAIN STORMED THE GATES OF HELL. Ten Things They've Done That (...Which?) You Probably Haven't.A Frolic of My Own: More cosmopolitan than a trashy magazine!The Rat: She's just cooler than you. Admit it, accept it, move on.Keep 'em coming! … [Read more...]


WHAT HE REALLY THINKS OF YOU: There's a striking passage in one of Harold Bloom's books--probably The Western Canon? or is this just something he'd say in his lectures? not sure... Ratty will know--where Bloom compares King Lear and the portrayal of Yahweh in the Old Testament. He basically says, "These characters both come across as mad old kings, relentless in their unreason; and yet the most admirable characters are devoted to them." I can't remember what he concludes about Yahweh, but he … [Read more...]


NASHI YOUTH:With President Putin's popularity in sharp decline, the Kremlin has set up a new Russian youth movement to ensure its control of the streets in the event of mass anti-government protests.Hundreds of youths, many belonging to the president's cultural society "Walking Together", held a meeting in a house owned by the Kremlin Property Department to launch the group at the weekend. The organisation, which leaders hope will attract 300,000 members, was christened "Nashi" [Ours], a word … [Read more...]


Going to a movie only makes me sad;Blogwatch makes me feel as bad,Now that we're through...After Abortion: Counseling guidelines for men seeking vasectomies, and what they imply about pre-abortion counseling.Yale's Fiercest Provocation: Most commentaries on today's death-penalty decision focused on the procedural questions. Diana Feygin instead highlights a section of Scalia's dissent that focuses on psychological and philosophical questions of maturity and responsibility. Really … [Read more...]


CLEARING OUT INBOX: MLY comments on my "Apprentice" post:The first season of the apprentice was much better. In part, this is due to casting. The first bunch was just more clever, and thus more interesting. (Perhaps the show’s original producer has become distracted with other projects.) But The Apprentice has also declined precisely because it has become more about competition and less about leadership. Less time in each episode is devoted to the task –- e.g., creating an advertising campaign fo … [Read more...]


I NEVER: Lists of Ten Things You've Done That Your Readers Probably Haven't!Camassia: sold popcorn to Peter CoyoteTerry Teachout: stunt reviewing (eighth item)Keep 'em coming! … [Read more...]