One, you lock the target;Two, you bait the line;Three, you slowly watch the blog,And four, you catch the man...GetReligion quotes Cardinal Arinze kicking ass: "The answer is clear. If a person says I am in favour of killing unborn babies whether they be four thousand or five thousand, I have been in favour of killing them. I will be in favour of killing them tomorrow and next week and next year. So, unborn babies, too bad for you. I am in favour that you should be killed, then the person turn … [Read more...]

THIS QUOTE MAKES UP FOR THE STUPID FOOL LOUSINESS OF MY WEEK THUS FAR: "I was wasted as a human. I should have been born a stoat." … [Read more...]

Flow morphia slow, let the blog and watch come streaming into my life...Family Scholars: Two posts on children of sperm donors. Comments very much worth your time.Johnny Bacardi reads Blankets. The art--all that snow, all those trees, Raina in her Eskimo coat--really is fantastic, and I'll get behind the Eisner-influence claim. It's the baggy curviness, or curvaceous bagginess, of the thick confident black lines. My less-positive and very personal review is here. Jim Henley's even less positive … [Read more...]

TERRI SCHIAVO. BooksGalore on "persistent vegetative state." (And what a grim example of how language shapes our perceptions of other people.) Via Amy Welborn.Much more here, here, and here. … [Read more...]

Darkness must go down the blogwatch of night's dreaming...Colby Cosh: "And, as a result of all this, the wounded-to-killed ratio for American forces in the Second Gulf War (and the Afghanistan conflict) hasn't been three or four to one. It's more like ten to one. To put it another way, the United States has arguably made more progress in saving the lives of wounded soldiers since 1991 than the human species did in all history before that date. ..."On the other hand, American society is now being … [Read more...]

PUNGENT. So let's say you have an iPod. And let's say you want a cover for that iPod--an iPod cosy, if you like. And let's say you have a ... thing ... about squid.Don't you want a CephaliPod?(I forget where I found this.) … [Read more...]

All I want is a blog somewhere,Far away from the cold watch air...Bastiat's Window: Yes, a whole blog devoted to the Broken Window Fallacy ("breaking windows is good for the economy because you have to buy more windows") and other Bastiatic economic stuff. Via Positive Liberty.Blogodoxy: A bunch of Eastern Orthodox (what do you call a group of Eastern Orthodox?) and Catholics (a surplice of Catholics?). I know I have quite a few of both in my readership, and this looks to be an interesting … [Read more...]