LINK ROUND-UP: "The Struggle Over the Torture Memos": "At its annual meeting in Atlanta last week, the American Bar Association called for a bipartisan investigation into the Bush administration's internal deliberations about interrogation and detention that may have led to the torture of prisoners in Iraq."At the same time, 180 prominent lawyers, judges and law professors signed a statement calling for the administration to release any remaining confidential memos relating to the treatment of … [Read more...]

"The Nyima hail their god of war as a bringer of civilization. This doesn't make sense unless you consider that the Greek god of wine and drunkenness was also considered a god of civilization." --Carla Speed McNeil, Finder: Mystery Date, endnotes … [Read more...]

"SHIP COMES IN": THIS NEVER WAS ONE OF THE GREAT ROMANCES. Next section of the Norse myths story. In which Michael defends the marital bed and takes more photographs. Lots of cussing, for those who care. Click here for story so far, here for the newest section. Oh, and we meet Balder the Beautiful... who, as you probably know, is a significant figure in our tale.All the angry words that passed between us... … [Read more...]

OK , ON FURTHER READING, that Post piece on "Washingtonienne" is a must-read. Seriously. Click and you will see. Walker Percy couldn't have come up with this, though he would have tried. … [Read more...]

[deleted, duplicate post, go read "Ship Comes In"] … [Read more...]

SUDAN: GENOCIDE, TERRORISM, AND AMERICA'S NATIONAL INTEREST: Transcript of American Enterprise Institute forum with William Kristol of the Weekly Standard; John Prendergast of the International Crisis Group; Ronald Sandee, Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands; Thomas Donnelly of AEI, and Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va). Haven't read yet but plan to. Via Mark Shea. … [Read more...]

We all feel blogwatch in the dark...Dave Tepper writes about Gov. McGreevey and same-sex marriage. I think Dave's way of connecting the two is wrong, and there are major reasons for even a supporter of SSM to avoid this interpretation of events. Chris Crain and Jonathan Rauch roughly agree with Dave; E.J. Graff, Josh Chafetz of Oxblog, Sed Contra, and I (here) roughly disagree, from quite different political positions.Sed Contra on a startlingly sound piece from the Washington Post on … [Read more...]