WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT A LITTLE MAN LIKE YOU COULD DESTROY MY BEAUTIFUL WICKEDNESS? Just re-read my "table of contents for a spiritual autobiography," and thought it might be of interest for people wondering how a girl like me ended up in a nice place like this. … [Read more...]

WELL I WENT TO SCHOOL IN OLYMPIA, AND EVERYONE'S THE SAME: Very useful comments from Krubner in re conformity. I especially liked this Chestertonian line: "To be a non-conformist in all things is to be psychotic." I thoroughly agree. To me, it is a question of where we find our standards of value--when desires and beliefs conflict, how do we know what should trump? But yeah, absolutely--part of the point of "Desire," really, is that nonconformity can become simply the photonegative of … [Read more...]

TOP EXPERT ON THE SUPERNATURAL TELLS YOU HOW TO...: Avram Grumer replies to my anti-UCLA rant (he is in bold, I am in plain text): Eve, it seems to me that the UCLA text in question does not call for supporting sexual orientation at the expense of religion, but for reconciling religion with tolerance of a wider variety of sexual behaviors. You might do better to ask yourself why it is so important for some people to practice their religion in a fashion that causes them to act with hostility … [Read more...]

READ ME, SEYMOUR: Wow. I owe Krubner big time. He offers really, really helpful criticism of/questions about my short story "Desire." I know the story is too sketchy. I planned out a lot of the imagery in advance, but the plot (always my weak point) was driven more by instinct and slapdashery. Krubner's questions, I think, will really help me focus as I rewrite. I always have a hard time figuring out which things need to be explicit and which need to be subtle. I thought the physical self-image … [Read more...]

GUILT VS. SHAME: Via Mark Shea I found this speech by Ron Belgau of Courage, on same-sex attraction and Christian discipleship. I was most struck by this description of the difference between guilt and shame, which really resonated with me: "Guilt recognizes that I, God's child, have done something inconsistent with my new Identity in Christ. It leads to repentance and a renewed commitment to live in Christ. Shame, on the other hand, 'is the feeling that I am no good, I am worthless, and I … [Read more...]

"GETTING FIRED": TIME TO MEET MR. PEELER. Part two of my current short story is finally up. Sorry for the delay! Start at the beginning here (recommended) or just get the latest chunk here. In this installment, our hero applies for a job, sees some bizarre sunglasses, and continues to have a very, very bad day. … [Read more...]

THE STRAIGHT DOPE ON THE U.S. PRISON RATE: Good column, though it gets weird at the end. "The U.S. certainly doesn't have the highest incarceration rate in world history, and depending on whose figures you believe may not even have the highest rate now. However, to be honest, we're more competitive than you might care to hear." … [Read more...]