No one can move me the way that you do;Nothing erases this blogwatch between me and you...Nunblogging! (Via Dappled Things.)Church of the Masses: Hee!St. Peter of Damaskos' list of the virtues and the passions. Worth meditating on. Via Dappled Things, again.And: "A baby born weighing less than a soda can and believed to be the smallest ever to survive went home Tuesday after nearly six months in the hospital." Via the Old Oligarch. … [Read more...]

"The essence of the totalitarian mentality, whether it is religious or political, is the false promise of a system of all-explaining consistency: a worldview that accounts for everything and answers all questions. Some of us, by contrast, expect our views to be contradictory or at least to contain contradiction, and welcome the opportunity for further reflection and experiment this affords."--Christopher Hitchens, foreword to Choice: The Best of Reason. See now, I think this gets things exactly … [Read more...]


WHOA. … [Read more...]

ACLU CALLS FOR INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION INTO TORTURE CLAIMS: I don't endorse the other stuff in this press release, since I have not followed the whole Michael Chertoff thing at all. But this I can get behind: "The ACLU has called for a special counsel to investigate and prosecute any criminal acts by civilians in the torture or abuse of detainees by the U.S. government, saying that doing so is the only way to fairly, and independently, get to the bottom of the issue." Via How Appealing. … [Read more...]

THE FARM DOLE: 1. "Bush Is Said to Seek Sharp Cuts in Subsidy Payments to Farmers." Hardcore.2. He fights for it: here.3. Resistance; emphasis added: Statement of Charles Kruse, President of Missouri Farm Bureau, on farm spending reductions in President Bush's Budget"While we are still in the process of learning more about what reductions President Bush is proposing for agriculture in next year's budget, we are concerned about the impact of reduced federal funding on Missouri's farms and … [Read more...]

'TIS NO SIN FOR A MAN TO LABOR IN HIS OBSESSION: Erika Singer writes with recommendations based on my post below. I did really like The Power and the Glory, although for whatever reason it didn't compel me as much as The Comedians and the beginning and end (but not the slack middle) of Brighton Rock.... You know, I'm thinking I should have added the figure of the "comedian" as another obsession. I always wished someone would do that post on humor and joking in Watchmen that I never did....: On … [Read more...]