RIGHT NOW, AT MARRIAGEDEBATE: Bisexuality at Yale, boars replacing babies in Italy, "the Bible too is a living word, just as the Constitution," what does it mean to say marriage "creates kin"?, and much much more. Everything from legal strategery to how to get a date at BYU. (Note, I only plug my day job here when I think there are some posts up that would be especially interesting to readers who don't check in on MD.com all the time.) … [Read more...]


OFFERINGS!: Lots of good stuff at Jim Henley's site right now. (Not that this is weird or anything.) Some highlights: farm dole; an introduction to the twelve newcomers to his blogroll (mostly libertarians), who look really interesting--I will be clicking through at some point when I am less catastrophically behind on everything; and a much-needed new word: "depiphany." … [Read more...]


MAILBAG: BOOKS AND BIRDS.Jendi Reiter writes:If you're obsessed with "betrayal-for-the-good/man without a country/adherence to a moral code over and against all one's personal loyalties and all one's sense of self; attempting to maintain a sense of self after that choice" you should read this:"Ninety-Three" by Victor Hugo. I read this book (in the original French, back when I was capable of that!) because Ayn Rand, another obsession you and I share, wrote an essay on it. It's been on my mind … [Read more...]


No one can move me the way that you do;Nothing erases this blogwatch between me and you...Nunblogging! (Via Dappled Things.)Church of the Masses: Hee!St. Peter of Damaskos' list of the virtues and the passions. Worth meditating on. Via Dappled Things, again.And: "A baby born weighing less than a soda can and believed to be the smallest ever to survive went home Tuesday after nearly six months in the hospital." Via the Old Oligarch. … [Read more...]


"The essence of the totalitarian mentality, whether it is religious or political, is the false promise of a system of all-explaining consistency: a worldview that accounts for everything and answers all questions. Some of us, by contrast, expect our views to be contradictory or at least to contain contradiction, and welcome the opportunity for further reflection and experiment this affords."--Christopher Hitchens, foreword to Choice: The Best of Reason. See now, I think this gets things exactly … [Read more...]




WHOA. … [Read more...]