MORE CAMPAIGN-FINANCE IDIOCY: From The Hill:Michael Moore may be prevented from advertising his controversial new movie, "Fahrenheit 9/11," on television or radio after July 30 if the Federal Election Commission (FEC) today accepts the legal advice of its general counsel.At the same time, a Republican-allied 527 soft-money group is preparing to file a complaint against Moore's film with the FEC for violating campaign-finance law.In a draft advisory opinion placed on the FEC's agenda for … [Read more...]

Under the spreading chestnut tree I sold you and you sold me: There lie they, and here lie we Under the spreading chestnut tree. --1984 … [Read more...]

HI THERE! GO AWAY! So I realize this site has been kind of... quiet... of late. I'm working my tail feathers off, over here. But there's such an enormous amount of intriguing stuff on MarriageDebate! Go there instead! You will find:All kinds of funky articles from The Nation, Seattle Weekly, and the Village Voice--apparently it's Gay Left Week over here.Random posts from me about Jonathan Rauch's Gay Marriage: Why It Is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America. Coming soon: … [Read more...]

PROPERTY HAIKU: Very nice response to Cass Sunstein and Oliver Wendell Holmes, from the Yale Free Press blog. I disagree with the anti-natural-rights conclusion (though I do think it's the necessary conclusion for an atheist), but think Gene's analysis of the Sunstein claim is right on.Excerpt: "So the argument boils down to either believing in natural rights granted to us by God or not believing in natural rights. In the first case, we have the right to life. But we can then also claim a … [Read more...]

VATICAN CONDEMNS CHINESE ARRESTS: The Vatican has strongly protested to China over the arrest of three Roman Catholic bishops--one of them 84 years old--in the past month. ...The Vatican and China have had no diplomatic ties since the 1950s, when Beijing expelled foreign clergy.BBC religious affairs correspondent Jane Little says the Vatican response indicates it has lost patience with China.It called the bishops' arrest "inconceivable in a country based on laws". ...[Vatican spokesman … [Read more...]

THAT STORY: Almost all links that follow are via How Appealing.MEMO ON INTERROGATION TACTICS IS DISAVOWED (Washington Post): President Bush's aides yesterday disavowed an internal Justice Department opinion that torturing terrorism suspects might be legally defensible, saying it had created the false impression that the government was claiming authority to use interrogation techniques barred by international law.Responding to pressure from Congress and outrage around the world, officials … [Read more...]

NATIVE AMERICAN PRISON PROBE: From USA Today, via How Appealing:U.S. authorities have identified at least 16 prisoners who have died in Native American detention centers since 2001, according to a senior federal official involved in an investigation of conditions at the facilities.The Interior Department's Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) has been gathering the information for the past several weeks as part of a wide-ranging review of allegations of neglect and abuse within the network of … [Read more...]