"RETCON": SHE SAYS. More lack of interest in Sarah's squid. Here. Whole thing will be finished in the next few days. eta: Eh, scrapping this scene and doing over. Whole story should be done by Monday though. That link above will still get you the first scene of the story. … [Read more...]


SEEKERS, SEARCHERS: MLY writes an incisive reply to that Jonah Goldberg column about pragmatism: Re the G-file on "pragmatism" : When I read it I thought that Goldberg seems not to be attacking pragmatism, but to be making a pragmatic case against utilitarianism. That is, I read his remarks to be saying something like:"Don't teach people that the reason to ban murder is economic efficiency, because then fewer people will observe the ban on murder, and that would be inefficient."Goldberg … [Read more...]


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, SEVERUS! (Else what is fandom for?)(In case you're wondering: Because I love traitors and hate children. You can imagine how this makes my work for IMAPP both easier and harder, respectively.)mood: heh music: eh (I reread Liberty/License, and now I have "Horse with no Name" stuck in my head) … [Read more...]


THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG: Some interesting stuff at MarriageDebate. We're talking about love; I'm quoting "Dark Harbor" and the court of the Countess of Champagne. Other things of note include a remote area of China with "no husbands, no fathers"; campus conservatives who see same-sex marriage as a rejection of the sexual revolution; a fantastic piece by a Unitarian who asks what Unitarians can do besides supporting the right to marry and the right to divorce; Andrew Sullivan and marriage and … [Read more...]


"RETCON": NETSUKE SQUID. First section of current short story. Writing is workaday here but the story itself is, I think, pretty swift. Sarah meets her father's girlfriend and tries to figure out what happened to her squid. Here. … [Read more...]


SO YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR NOVEL. Teresa Nielsen Hayden Explains It All for You. With lots of other stuff, too. … [Read more...]


You ain't nothin' but a blogwatch; Quit snoopin' round my door...Andrew Sullivan: "And, as I've said many times, homosexuality is very easy to understand. It is exactly the same as heterosexuality, with the gender reversed." Um, only if men are interchangeable with women. So, no.Hit & Run: Hilarity re Bush cabinet of comics creators. Stan Lee for UN Ambassador is a stroke of genius.You should be reading Unqualified Offerings every day.A Jewish and Israeli blog contest. (Via Kesher … [Read more...]