"THAT PHOTOGRAPH OF FLANNERY O'CONNOR": Kathy "Relapsed Catholic" Shaidle is blogging some of her poems. Good stuff. … [Read more...]


[T]he final and permanent fruits of liberty are wisdom, moderation, and mercy. Its immediate effects are often atrocious crimes, conflicting errors, scepticism on points the most clear, dogmatism on points the most mysterious. It is just at this crisis that its enemies love to exhibit it. They pull down the scaffolding from the half-finished edifice. they point to the flying dust, the falling bricks, the comfortless rooms, the frightful irregularity of the whole appearance; and then ask in scorn … [Read more...]


COLD, TIRED, MUST WORK THEN SLEEP; HERE, HAVE SOME LINKS. Profile of the Institute for Justice, via everybody and his libertarian momma. Have known IJers; them's good people."Her Secret Heartache"--advice on talking with a friend who has had an abortion. Via After Abortion.Church of the Masses wants your help spreading the word about their awesomely awesome program for Christians seeking to write for Hollywood.Now I'm going to go sleep, then riot for a weekend in Sunny New Haven. (Assuming … [Read more...]


THE MORE I HEAR ABOUT LUXURY BARGES, THE BETTER DEATH SEEMS: Nice, spoiler-free review of The Secret History (Tartt, not Procopius). Some quick thoughts: 1) re "places and seasons," the moment I knew I loved this book was the description of Richard's heatless winter in Vermont. 2) re ancient vs modern, I thought the clash between the class reading and the weekend parties was brilliant--showed us people seeking some kind of ekstasis, across the centuries, but also showed how degraded this ideal … [Read more...]


HOW FUNNY, A BED; A BED, HOW FUNNY: It took me a few days to be so obsessed with this that I finally Googled it; but now I know: Eiluned Price = Strong Poison. Eglantine Price = Bedknobs and Broomsticks.You should read both. Even though I'm kind of fed up with Dorothy Sayers now, and have been for a few years--with the exception of The Documents in the Case, which features neither Peter "I Have Fallen in Love With My Creation" Wimsey nor Harriet "And So I Wrote Myself Into This Story" Vane. … [Read more...]


JESUS PRAYER: Mark R. writes: I had spent time in a Byzantine Catholic parish and attended a Byz. Cath. seminary for one year. Now I mainly attend Latin rite services. I do not think there would be much of a differing point of view re. the Jesus prayer between East and West. Since it is mainly a product of the East it is pretty much interpreted and approached in the context of Eastern sprituality. (That said, it must be emphasized that in the East...especially among the schismatic Orthodox there … [Read more...]


DEATH AND TARIFFS: "Tsunami-hit Thais told: Buy six planes or face EU tariffs." Via The Corner.And: "Less than two weeks after a 40-foot wave flattened massive swaths of Southeast Asia, the United States slapped a tariff on millions of dollars worth of seafood imports from India and Thailand. As the federal government promised $350 million, and private citizens pledged even more, the message to surviving shrimp farmers was clear: Have our marines, our pity, and our cash, but for the love of … [Read more...]