COMICS RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MIDDLE- AND HIGH-SCHOOLERS: "Bat-Mite" has suggestions. I note that when you get to the Sandman comment you'll know why it's such a good thing that I'm not a public-school children's librarian. Everything in this post that follows is from Bat-Mite:...Well, anyway, to help you with the recommendations. By the way, I can't vouch for any literary merits these books may or may not have.Grant Morrison's 'Marvel Boy': This one is more for boys than girls I suppose. Alien … [Read more...]

"GETTING FIRED": BLOOD AND CHAMPAGNE. Oh man, did this story get completely out of my hands. The rough draft is finally done, but please don't expect coherence. I love the ideas behind this piece, but I have to admit that the execution leaves much to be desired. Basically, when I revise I will have to add a lot of material. There are all kinds of dropped narrative stitches--Peter's family is only the most obvious forgotten thread. Everything moves too fast and with even less coherence than the … [Read more...]

COMICS RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MIDDLE- AND HIGH-SCHOOLERS? A reader has written to ask for recommendations of comic books for a middle school and high school library: "I, comic fan that I am, want to recommend some trade paperbacks but all I come up off the top of my head that would be appropriate for that community and that the kids would actually like are Ultimate Spider-Man and Dark Knight Returns. Would you have any other suggestions? Especially of the more literary variety and the kind that the … [Read more...]

WOMEN AND LEADERSHIP: Clio writes: You suggest that women have a difficult time with leadership because they are too focussed on "relationships" to keep track of institutional goals, and cannot accept the idea of the "mask of command".I suspect that these problems are more visible among younger women aspiring to lead than among older ones. I haven't noticed that either is as much a hindrance to women who've lived long enough to outgrow the hypersensitivity of youth, which makes many of us … [Read more...]

YOU'VE ALMOST CERTAINLY SEEN THIS ALREADY, BUT IF NOT: Healing Iraq: "A coup d'etat is taking place in Iraq a the moment. Al-Shu'la, Al-Hurria, Thawra (Sadr city), and Kadhimiya (all Shi'ite neighbourhoods in Baghdad) have been declared liberated from occupation. Looting has already started at some places downtown, a friend of mine just returned from Sadun street and he says Al-Mahdi militiamen are breaking stores and clinics open and also at Tahrir square just across the river from the Green … [Read more...]

I don't know what you blog but I can't watch it anymore...Ahlanwasahlan: More anecdotes from his trip to Baghdad: One stall owner stops us to entice us with a child toy (spinning top).. My friend M has the following conversation with him:Seller: Go on buy one of these and make your child happy..M: what if I don’t have a childSeller: God will give you one if you buy the toy.M: Would God give a child to a single man?Seller: of course, haven't you heard about cloning and test tube b … [Read more...]

DAPPLED THINGS ON SCRIPTURE AND A SHARING IN THE CRUCIFIXION: "One of the often-remarked-upon features of Latin Christianity is our focus upon the Cross, the sufferings of Christ, and our own sharing in those sufferings. One can also see this in Luther's theology of the cross. There is a counter-current, though, that dismisses this 'crucicentrism' as Mediaeval mumbo-jumbo, poor self-image, sublimated masochism, and a faulty understanding of the importance of the Resurrection ('We're Easter … [Read more...]