IRAQ ELECTIONS BLOG. Link-o-rama. Via The Corner. … [Read more...]

I AM LORD VOLDEMORT!: Lord Voldemort: INTP. INTPs are inventive, logical, and ambitious. They see elements of the world around them as things to be shaped by their hand into something more useful. INTPs have strong principles and will defend them vigorously if they're challenged.Harry Potter Meyers-Briggs thing(Always wanted to be the Dark Lord when I grew up.) … [Read more...]

SONGS OF INNOCENCE AND SONGS OF EXPERIENCE: Recently a young woman cited Ani DiFranco as a role model, and affirmed her belief in the abortion license. This has been one of DiFranco's causes for a while. But I couldn't help thinking of some lyrics that don't exactly fit in to the whole "it's not a child, it's a choice" worldview. ...I have a very hard time maintaining anything close to a stable personal identity over time; I doubt and regret actions almost as soon as I take them. And so it's all … [Read more...]

I COULD RING A DINNER BELL. That's the missing line from "Obedience School." I'm a moron.(I do actually have something substantive to say, but I'm too tired to say it now. Expect it sometime before 3 AM EST.) … [Read more...]

ALBERTO GONZALES: ...With the Geneva Conventions out of the way, Gonzales then asked the Office of Legal Counsel to analyze the government's obligations under the Federal Torture Act.The OLC responded with an infamous 50-page memo (Aug. 1, 2002) purporting to show that the president and his subordinates had legal permission to use torture. The memo defined torture so narrowly as to include only treatment equivalent in intensity to the pain accompanying crippling injury, organ failure, or … [Read more...]

PET SHOP BOYS SONG-BY-SONG COMMENTARY. Neat! Via the Yale Free Press blog. … [Read more...]

I AM MANDRAKE!: "People find you purgative and difficult to take. In large doses you drive them insane."Which herb are you? … [Read more...]