"Emmanuel [seminary], it turned out, was unique only in its verdant isolation from the rest of China. Hundreds of other seminaries dotted rural and urban commuities throughout the country. A few weeks later, I visited an underground seminary in a major city in China's southwest. It was one of four apartments being used as seminary colleges. This time, besides having to be in a van with tinted windows, I also had to duck my head down as we drove into the apartment complex. Even Chinese visitors … [Read more...]


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COMICS ERRATA: Johnny Bacardi writes:Hi, Eve--Regarding Sleeper, while I can see how it can be interpreted as "being in charge of world events", Tao's organization is more into manipulation of world events for their own benefit, and any superiority achieved is a side effect. The central conflict, to me, is not how Carver can fulfill his mission, but how can he get out of his predicament alive, and does he really think he deserves to, after all he's been a part of and has done. Maybe I'm … [Read more...]


SOLDIERS REALLY CAN HELP BUILD A CIVIL SOCIETY? Oxblog makes the case. … [Read more...]


MIDDLE LEFT. Alice in Wonderland for the Onion age. … [Read more...]


T.M.I.? A while ago, I realized that for years I'd been harboring a dark and suppressed anger: I resent dolphins.Seriously.What makes them think they're so smart?They're like all peaceful and junk. They're like the annoying hippies who hold you in contempt because you're not as mellow and One with the Universe as they are, and also you think they should get a job.So you can see that this Onion story would affect me adversely.Just look at the one in the photo. I mean, don't you want to … [Read more...]


IN DEFENSE OF GLOBAL CAPITALISM: Interview with Johan Norberg. Via Dappled Things. … [Read more...]