I really don't like being without my blogwatch for too long. It makes me feel like less of a man.Catholic Ragemonkey: How a ragemonkey became a Catholic. Moving post. Well worth your time. "It was the reality of suffering that brought me to the Church. Everything tells you suffering has no meaning. But through the fullness of Faith as transmitted by the Church, love shows itself in suffering. And love is the only solution to suffering. And only the Catholic Church knows what to make of … [Read more...]


THE COMEDIANS: A Spenserian stanza. My reading has been boring, so I have to resort to original poetry to keep myself interested.I was an agent once, a double man, A separated soul. I'd turned against The last ones left who'd still extend their hands. I had such skills for spying: how I sensed Each change in breath and diction! How I fenced With your assassins (sent in groups of ten). I never said I loved you, for you tensed Each time I tried. Too drunk, I can't say when. I can't trust that … [Read more...]


MORE IRAQI BLOGS: Ahlanwasahlan (includes this story: "Yesterday I was invited to the Hunting Club.. Until the war this cute number was only open to the elite of the previous regime.. with some legendary stories about the escapades of Uday who was a regular? I saw a chap jump in the swimming pool who I could swear was Salam Pax...("I think calling what took place next as a massage is a linguistic travesty.. Abu Raed was a man who took his job seriously... Anyway as Abu Raed was systematically … [Read more...]


MISS MANNERS AND THE MASK OF COMMAND: I've been thinking a lot about leadership. Here are some thoughts. They're organized around questions of gender, but that's just because that's one of the things that initially prompted me to think about this stuff. The gender aspect is really not as important as it appears in what follows. I would fix that, and de-emphasize it, but I don't have the time....Much of how leadership is practiced is about what you notice. When I had to take on a leadership … [Read more...]


"IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE": Saw this last night. Incredibly lush Wong Kar-Wai film about two neighbors who realize that their respective spouses are having an affair with one another.This is just an astonishingly sensual, longing, aching movie--drenched in color, attentive to surfaces and textures, giving you lots of slow movements, lots of disconnection and half-communication between the characters, so that you're keyed up to an intense pitch and then just left there. The movie replicates the way … [Read more...]


I'M SUPER, THANKS FOR ASKING! (You knew I'd go there.) Tim O'Neil replies to my "cool stuff superhero comics do well" post by saying, basically, Almost all superhero comics suck. Oh, yeah, absolutely! (Here, have a howl of execration.) I just don't think it needs to matter, except in one respect.90% of everything is, of course, crap. Almost all currently-produced mystery stories are abysmal. Almost all currently-produced romantic comedies are horrific. Leaping randomly from genre to medium, we … [Read more...]


"Ladles and jellyspoons, I stand upon this speech to make a platform. The train I arrived in has not yet come, So I took the bus and walked. I come before you To stand behind you And tell you something I know nothing about." --I found this in Iona and Peter Opie's fantastic trove The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren. Seemed appropriate for the day! … [Read more...]