WITH BEST HOPES FOR THE NEW YEAR. I stayed in, taking notes for fiction and talking for hours with the Rat. It was great. ...Unqualified Offerings has its best-of-blogs list up, and a best-of-comics list as well. Go thither!In worst-of, rather than best-of, news, here's a link roundup on the revisions to the Justice Department's definition of torture. Haven't read yet but will soon.On Wednesday, I'm flying to sunny California for two weeks to visit Ratty (!!!!). If you are in the greater … [Read more...]


By the way, in case you were following the neck trauma saga, it took forever but my neck now feels fine. Thanks so much to all who wrote in with suggestions. And thanks very much to those who wrote in about my counseling post, too--if I haven't replied to you yet, I will over the weekend. ...Oh and hey, where is Krubner? … [Read more...]


SEARCH REQUESTS! It's that time again. Here are some of the funnier requests that brought people to this little blog.WHAT ANIMAL IS CONSIDERED A COUSIN TO A MOUSE [um... another mouse?] homosexual leopard what can hold a lot of wild animals even when it can't be locked explanation of the phrase anatomy if destiny rat silhouette looking at people's eyeball to find out if they are interested i wanna get into the ivy league ivy league ivy league going crazy what is the rhetoric strategy of Attack … [Read more...]


COURAGE UNDER FIRE: No, this is not a "good news" story. To the contrary, Coyne's experience confirms the deterioration of conditions in Iraq. She is confined, for security reasons, to Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone. That's been true for a long time; now her Iraqi colleagues for the most part dare not visit her there, because the terrorists are always watching those who come and go. Communication is by phone and e-mail. ...What is remarkable, though, is that despite the mistakes of the … [Read more...]


VOLTAIRE WAS RIGHT. Every death is a catastrophe. Eighty thousand deaths--that is a catastrophe I can't even start to picture or apprehend. Eighty thousand claims against the property-owner, God.Voltaire assumed we would be horrified by human deaths; and so he asked why we were created. Are we born just to die? What plan can this devastation imply?To me the question works the other way. Why is this horrific? Because we are each, even when we do not know each other, worthy of love. Because we … [Read more...]


POWER/FREEDOM: DEUS LO VOLT. Anthropomorfic. Lame. 360 words. Unrealistic in the extreme. Sorry. Setting up things I'll use in later stories, but, in itself, just kind of there. Anyway, here. … [Read more...]


LYING IN THE GUTTERS, LOOKING AT THE STARS: Comics reviews. (In the Shadow of No Towers, The Golem's Mighty Swing, and Y: The Last Man v. 1 to be reviewed soonish.)Daredevil v. 10: The Widow. Ooh, more on Daredevil's marriage, plus some neat stuff with the Black Widow, whom I'd pretty much ignored when she appeared fleetingly in other comics I've read. Here, she's fun, and Alex Maleev draws her really well. She looks Russian, at least to my uncultured eyes. (Maybe that's a low bar. Whatever. … [Read more...]