"HER WEASEL-LIKE LOINS": This year's Bad Sex Awards, for stunningly crapulent literary depictions of intimate congress. … [Read more...]


When most parents have a baby, they spend months dreaming about what their bundle of joy will look like. Will she look like mom? Will he have dad's eyes? But for one local Navy family, the birth of their daughter didn't give them the answers to those questions. Their daughter was born without a face. ...It's a life-long process that's draining for Tammy and Tom. Even still, they're thankful and full of love for their sweet child."God never gives you more than you can handle. I figure she has … [Read more...]


"ABERDEEN": More Netflixness. More scattered thoughts: 1. The plot: A hard-charging young lawyeress (Latin name: Barracuda) gets a phone call from her dying mother, begging her to fetch her estranged alcoholic father from Norway to Aberdeen for a final reunion. Now that you know the plot, you can probably write the script yourself and be just as original, or not, as the filmmakers.2. Europeans need to learn that censorship can sometimes substitute for artistic judgment. Or to put it another … [Read more...]


I was born in Liverpool, down by the docks, Religion was Catholic, occupation: blogwatch...Dappled Things: Bare-essential books for seekers. "My intended audience are those people who are genuinely interested in Catholicism and open-minded, but really don't know enough to have a well-grounded opinion." These things are always so personal; I didn't get much out of Mere Christianity, but that may be because I'd heard many of the points before, from friends who'd read Lewis. I second the … [Read more...]


Between me and the world, You are a picture frame, a window... --Bei Dao, From the North Island … [Read more...]


KESHER TALK WRITES: "I made this entry for all the blogging and news links about the Spirit of America tour with Omar and Mohammed Ali, the bloggers of Iraq the Model." Round-up is here. … [Read more...]


Today's bad poetry is tomorrow's bad politics. --The Rat, who could use your prayers as she takes the GRE tomorrow. … [Read more...]