Every appealing soubrette Reminds him of passionate blogwatches...Agenda Bender on certain passionate failures of Susan Sontag.Beaucoup Kevin has a contest I want to win. "I'm giving away a copy of Julius from Oni press. A re-imagining of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar set in the London criminal community, this was one of my favorite graphic novels of the last year and you can get my spare copy by telling me, in 35 words or less, what your favorite comics moment of 2004 was and why." I will be … [Read more...]


IRAQI REFUGEES RETURNING HOME. Via The Corner. … [Read more...]


EARTHQUAKE RELIEF LINKS: Here and here. Via Unqualified Offerings and the Volokh Conspiracy.also here, here … [Read more...]


Cold and raw the north did blow, Out on a blogwatch early...Agenda Bender: I don't rightly know how to describe this. I only know that I laughed, a lot. (Not really sure how his permalinks work. It's the post that starts, "Twas the night before Christmas...")Dappled Things: To the eyes of the world, that dark night, the infant would have seemed nothing remarkable, but with eyes of faith the shepherds recognized Him as their Messiah and Lord. Humility and faith -- the same gifts that enable … [Read more...]


YOU'RE OLDER THAN YOU'VE EVER BEEN, AND NOW YOU'RE EVEN OLDER. Let's kiss off 2004 with two questionnaires that have been making the rounds of the rounds that I make.Five favorite blog posts from 2004: Easter in America "Oh, How the Ghost of You Clings!": Notes on Watchmen Not Exactly Natural (and sequel)--the queer story ...And I Will Sing of the Sun (sublimation) Okay, you don't believe in original sin. Fine. But what do you call it? The evening redness in the West--American storiesETA: I … [Read more...]


PEOPLE WHO NEVER WILL BE MISSED: Last night I watched "The Last Supper" with the Old Oligarch (who fixed my DVD player--THANK YOU!!!!) and Zorak. It was hilarious. Basically, a bunch of lefty grad students have a tradition of inviting a newcomer over every Sunday for dinner and discussion. One night, due to a brokedown Mercedes (or Porsche? I forget), one of their number has to hitch a ride with a trucker, so he becomes the night's guest. He turns out to be... not the dinner companion they would … [Read more...]


MARRIAGEDEBATE has a lot of cool stuff up that I keep forgetting to link here. So, some stuff: A "right not to become a parent"? bad advice "Marriage is one way to recognize who is family, but..." Awesome piece on "today's Manicheans" from--I kid you not--the National Catholic Reporter. Cats and dogs, living together, next on Fox... Donor-conceived children talk about their experiences "Nordic family ties don't mean tying the knot"And a meaty, intriguing report: "What Next for the Marriage … [Read more...]