NATIVE AMERICAN PRISON PROBE: From USA Today, via How Appealing:U.S. authorities have identified at least 16 prisoners who have died in Native American detention centers since 2001, according to a senior federal official involved in an investigation of conditions at the facilities.The Interior Department's Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) has been gathering the information for the past several weeks as part of a wide-ranging review of allegations of neglect and abuse within the network of … [Read more...]

"Years ago--how long was it? Seven years it must be--he had dreamed that he was walking through a pitch-dark room. And someone sitting to one side of him had said as he passed: 'We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.' It was said very quietly, almost casually--a statement, not a command. He had walked on without pausing. What was curious was that at the time, in the dream, the words had not made much impression on him. It was only later and by degrees that they had seemed to take … [Read more...]

"THROUGH THE YEARS WE ALL WILL BE TOGETHER": O BID OUR SAD DIVISIONS CEASE. Part four of Christmas in Depress-O-Vision. More flashbackery and so to bed. Read from the beginning here; or get the most recent section here. Two more sections coming: Christmas Day, and leavetaking.Problems I have already identified (though you should feel free to email me with any elaborations on these problems, as well as any other things that aren't working): 1. I use two different ways of presenting flashbacks … [Read more...]

KILL TROLL WITH SWORD! Hilarious: "I had kind of a funny start roleplaying. When I was 8 or 9 I was playing Zork on my uncle's new Atari 800 with a couple friends, and we dug it. At some point we wanted to play it but we weren't at my uncle's house, so I volunteered to 'be the computer.' We even played it text-based! I'd write a description, pass the notebook, my friends would read it and write their actions, I'd write the results. We kept that up for a while, actually, several sessions, before … [Read more...]

THE YALE FREE PRESS BLOG IS BACK! SpaceShipOne; Law, Legislation, and Liberty; Modigliani and Jews; and much much more. (I should note that I generally disapprove of undergraduates blogging during term. But it's summertime so hip hip hooray for Yale's Finest Publication! Now about fixing that website...) … [Read more...]

TIMES LIKE THESE: Your bad-news roundup.NEW ABUSE CHARGES (Time magazine): Could the abuse of prisoners in Iraq have gone beyond the beatings and sexual humiliation already alleged? Unreleased, classified parts of the report on prison abuse from Major General Anthony Taguba, which were read to TIME, contain indications of mistreatment of female prisoners. In a Feb. 21 statement to Taguba, Lieut. Colonel Steven L. Jordan, former head of the Abu Ghraib interrogation center, said he had received … [Read more...]

AND A STAR TO STEER HER BY: Happy Father's Day (late, I know).Two excellent links, both courtesy of Family Scholars:"My Junior Moment": "So this Father's Day, I've signed my card with my full, formal name, to pay tribute to a man who embraced fatherhood from the get-go. For my father claimed me as his own -- loved me unconditionally -- long before I could ever do anything to make him proud.""Lost and Found": "There was a perfect degree of fatherlessness in my life. Until this past year." … [Read more...]