"GETTING FIRED": "YOU MUST BE HERE FOR THE MACHINE." The latest installment of my short story's rough draft. This is probably the height of the story's weirdness. It's pretty creeptastic. B&w; film homage continues as our hero watches two members of his profession get... beautified. Read the story so far starting here (recommended), or just read the most recent installment here. … [Read more...]


WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE: TWO VIEWS OF MARRIAGE. Me at MarriageDebate. Not an argument, more an introduction or framework. Also, sometime this morning there will be a new question of the week: Does history matter? Plus the usual news-and-opinion smorgasbord (orgasbord, orgasbord). … [Read more...]


CLINTON AND IRAQ: WMDs, sanctions, lying to the public, and trusting defectors. Start here, then go here, then here (comments too), then here. All are very much worth your time. I am way too tired to pull together coherent commentary, though.Also: "The Bush administration's assertion that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had ties to al Qaeda -- one of the administration's central arguments for a preemptive war -- appears to have been based on even less solid intelligence than the administration's … [Read more...]


I will watch the blog from Venus (for science!)...Cacciaguida: "Die Frau Ohne Schatten"--the secret is out....Unqualified Offerings: Homeschooling and socialization. Me on ditto.Johnny Cash reads the New Testament. Via Relapsed Catholic.India's Muslims are oppressed. Why aren't they angry? I don't know enough about the situation to say whether this assessment is accurate, but it is interesting.And last: "Now he's the author of 'Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things,' a book that shows … [Read more...]


HOOKUP CULTURE: I must not have been clear in my post about Elizabeth Marquardt's presentation on the college "hookup" scene. Lawrence Krubner read me as arguing that hookups are in some important way analogous to date rape; what I was actually trying to say is the much more limited point that the hookup "script"--get drunk and keep communication minimal--makes date rape much more likely.More Krubner soonish.... … [Read more...]


LOL. Obligatory disclaimer: I have not seen "The Passion" and don't especially plan to. But I thought this exchange was a hilarious commentary on how oblique and intuitive the creative process often is to the artist. You can train yourself--you have to train--but the point of that training is to shape your instincts and intuitions, because very often you make the artistic choices and figure out the reasons why later, if at all. (Barbara discusses this more eloquently if you follow the link … [Read more...]


"The awareness of grandeur and the sublime is all but gone from the modern mind. Our systems of education stress the importance of enabling the student to exploit the power aspect of reality. To some degree, they try to develop his ability to appreciate beauty. But there is no education for the sublime. ...Significantly, the theme of Biblical poetry is not the charm or beauty of nature; it is the grandeur, it is the sublime aspect of nature which Biblical poetry is trying to … [Read more...]