NOT EXACTLY NATURAL; STUNNING, NONETHELESS: Someone sent an email to me, in my capacity as editor of Marriage Debate, that read, in its entirety (as best I can remember), "What is homosexuality?"And to be honest, I don't think I know.Homosexuality has gone from an adjective applied to acts to an adjective applied to people--from a tendency to an identity. But that identity shivers out of your hands when you try to grasp it.Some define it as a lack: an incapacity for sexual and/or romantic … [Read more...]

THE INTERNET MUSEUM OF FLEXI/CARDBOARD/ODDITY RECORDS. I only have one of these, I think--"Billy and the Boingers Bootleg" from Bloom County, featuring... let me think... "U Make Me Sick (But I Love U)" and something I can't remember on the B-side. But yeah... this is a treasure trove of the bizarre.You make me sick! way-oh, way-oh, way-oh, You really stink, girl... … [Read more...]

BRIEF IRAQI BLOGWATCH: New blog! (New to me, anyway.) Suha in Iraq, blogging at Suhax.Raed has an alternatingly harsh and sweet post in which his emotional, rational, and political selves battle for dominance. Reminds me of the famous Lee Miller photo from the Blitz, "One Night of Love."And Ali from Iraq the Model harasses a complaining cab driver and finds a kindred spirit from Sadr City. I didn't know that Ali used to work at a hospital in Sadr City. This post is fascinating and, like the … [Read more...]

WELCOME TO MY BLOG! NOW GO AWAY! As you might guess, the Marriage Debate blog (my day job--exploring all aspects of the debate over same-sex marriage, from a variety of philosophical and political stances) is roaring along this week due to events in the state that brought you Harvard. Why not take a look? … [Read more...]

ABU GHRAIB AND BEYOND: Hit and Run notes, "[O]ne reason why the torture scandal keeps attracting coverage is that it, unlike the Berg video, keeps yielding new developments." That post links to pieces on a possible coverup of "dozens" of other soldiers' involvement in the scandal, and on allegations of disgusting actions of U.S. forces elsewhere in Iraq.And some black humor in The Onion: "U.S. to Fight Terror with Terror." Via Mark Shea. … [Read more...]

"I know very few young people, but it seems to me that they are all possessed with an almost fatal hunger for permanence. I think all these divorces show that." --Evelyn Waugh, Vile BodiesVia Kelly Jane Torrance, who has a review of the upcoming Stephen Fry movie adaptation of Vile Bodies here, and a good but depressing piece on the decline of the short story market here. I'm especially intrigued by her suggestion that short stories are an especially American form: "The short story is pretty … [Read more...]

FROM THE ICE AGE TO THE DOLE AGE, THERE IS BUT ONE CONCERN: Well, the National Catholic Register, that excellent but somewhat Luddite newspaper, has not yet posted my most recent column, so I think it's okay for me to print it here. It ran a while ago but I'm not sure when (nor do I know what title they used, or how it was edited from my draft) because somewhere in the Register/Post Office/my apartment building sequence all of my copies of the paper seem to vanish. Anyway! Onward and upward. … [Read more...]