I DO NOT THINK THAT WORD MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS: Avram Grumer writes: You wrote:"...that attitude smacks of attempts to identify liberal education, and intellectual acuity or seeking, with one side or another in the culture wars."With the liberal side, of course. Does this surprise you? If an institution devoted to liberal education can't advocate liberalism, then fer gosh sakes who can?!I don't mean to imply that I approve whole-heartedly of the posted document. I find it bland … [Read more...]


"HAITI'S COLLAPSE": From The Nation. Okayish piece but comes across as an apologetic for Aristide. Why doesn't the writer even try to come up with liberal-democratic opposition figures--even if only to tell us that they don't have enough support to succeed? Surely there is someone on that island better than both the defrocked Communist priest and the (ahem) Cannibal Army.I will keep foraging for better pieces on the Haitian crisis. … [Read more...]


Oh, those blogwatch days! They were so peaceful, and great.Hit & Run: Syria frees 130 political prisoners. How come?Sean Collins: Journalista! (temporary) farewell. Sigh. Can't wait for Dirk's triumphant return.New York Times blog. Via Oxblog.Why haven't I blogrolled the Christianity Today weblog yet? I don't know.Hatch's Plot Bank: There are a finite number of plots in the world. Here are over 2,000 of them. I forget where I got this, but it's funny stuff.Interview with Carla … [Read more...]


I DIDN'T KNOW THIS: Longtime readers may recall my posts on naming trends for boys vs. girls. Father Neuhaus of First Things (in)fame is also interested in this stuff, and he writes, "I don’t know how interested you are in onomastics. (For those who aren't interested at all, onomastics is the study of names and their origins.) But, in response to my annual report on how boys and girls are being named, Father Paul Mankowski, who teaches in Rome and is interested in and knowledgeable about at l … [Read more...]


"HOMOSEXUALITY AND HATE SPEECH: DEFENDING MORAL PRINCIPLES IS GETTING RISKIER." Free-speech roundup from Zenit. Via Los Volokh.Christians defending moral teachings on homosexuality are increasingly running foul of laws that ban any negative statements about the subject. A British Anglican bishop, for instance, who suggested that homosexuals seek psychological counseling was the target of a police investigation, the Telegraph newspaper reported Nov. 10. ...In Ireland, meanwhile, the Irish … [Read more...]


AFTER CASTRO: From the Wall Street Journal: ...There is little doubt that when Fidel waves his revolutionary finger in the air and denounces the imperialist Yankees for the last time, the tectonic plates of Cuba's political system will heave mightily. Exiles call it the "biological solution." Conventional wisdom holds that the regime will crumble, freedom will blossom and the path to Cuban prosperity will open up at last.Mark Falcoff isn't so sure. In "Cuba: The Morning After," Mr. Falcoff … [Read more...]


OUR ANCIENT ENEMY, THE SUN: If next week is as vampiric and wrathful as this past week, I'm going to go OUT. OF. MY. GOURD. (Would anyone be able to tell the difference?) GRR!Yay for Aerosmith. … [Read more...]