FROM THE ICE AGE TO THE DOLE AGE, THERE IS BUT ONE CONCERN: Well, the National Catholic Register, that excellent but somewhat Luddite newspaper, has not yet posted my most recent column, so I think it's okay for me to print it here. It ran a while ago but I'm not sure when (nor do I know what title they used, or how it was edited from my draft) because somewhere in the Register/Post Office/my apartment building sequence all of my copies of the paper seem to vanish. Anyway! Onward and upward. … [Read more...]

LAST CALL--AND THIS TIME I MEAN IT! But I had to note: You want a nice title? Here's a nice title: Kyle Baker's WHY I HATE SATURN. I haven't read it yet, but every single time I see that title I think, "You know, that sounds like a lot of fun."Oh, and as soon as I posted this, I remembered another title of something I haven't read: H. Rider Haggard's SHE. Woman as Other, woman as exotic, woman as challenge and land of opportunity and conquest, all in three letters. Nice. I have no desire to … [Read more...]

COMICS AT THE LIBRARY: I had occasion the other day to wander past the comics section at Martin Luther King, Jr. Public Library--the main DC library--and I noticed something. I'd been to that section before, and it had been sparse, with a fairly random selection: Maus, yes, and something by Joe Sacco (really!), and one lone volume of Love and Rockets. Really no rhyme nor reason.This time, the section was full to bursting with interesting stuff. I had to restrain myself from checking several … [Read more...]

MOTHER, COME HOME: I finally read this wrenching comic. It is really, really good. Paul Hornschemeier has the Mishima technique of zeroing in on a particular object, a particular small image, and using that tight focus to convey a deep sense of dissociation and loss. By the end, yes, as a few reviewers have noted (be sure to read the asterisked bits at the end of that second link), the comic becomes too top-heavy with tragedy. But I'll definitely remember images from this work (the lion mask; … [Read more...]

CHINESE PRIESTS ARRESTED FOR TEACHING THEOLOGY AND NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING: Via the Cardinal Kung Foundation via FoxNews via Mark Shea. You absolutely should check out the CKF as they are doing amazing work. See also the Laogai Research Foundation (exposing the Chinese gulag system--run by Harry Wu, a true hero) and Freedom House. … [Read more...]

"IO: Do not care for me more than I would have you." --"Prometheus Bound" tr. GreneAlso, more titles here; my favorite of these is You Give Drugs a Bad Name. … [Read more...]

LET US HAVE NO MORE MARRIAGES: The current question at MarriageDebate is this: "Some advocates across the political spectrum are making the radical case for separating the civil and religious dimensions of marriage entirely. Let religions keep the word 'marriage,' they say; the state should merely provide civil unions for all. Lawmakers in New York and Massachusetts have already proposed this move."This radical proposal has won a surprising amount of support from religious believers who think … [Read more...]