INTERVIEW WITH ALVEDA KING: Martin Luther King's niece; she'll be speaking at the Silent No More gathering of post-abortive women as part of the March for Life. Excerpts follow:My uncle said, "The Negro cannot win if he is willing to sell the future of his children for his personal and immediate comfort and safety."Where he said, "Negro," I add, "America." America cannot win, humanity cannot win, people cannot win, if we will sell the future of our children for our personal and immediate … [Read more...]

COURAGE GUY SPEAKS AT GEORGETOWN THIS FRIDAY: I can't go, but you should. There's a good basic piece on Christ, eros, love, and same-sex attraction at that link, to give you a sense of what this guy does. … [Read more...]

OXBLOG LINKFEST, in re democratization and liberalization in the Middle East. As always, well worth your time, although this post seems a bit sloppy in its casual equivalence of "democratization" and "liberalization." … [Read more...]

"Some of these students are sent by para-church organizations like Campus Crusade for Christ. That organization is not permitted any official presence in China, but it has regional leaders scattered all over the country. Campus Crusade students sometimes speak among themselves in a sort of English-language Christian slang to disguise what they are really saying. Here is a brief glossary of terms and their meanings:"PRC--'Pray to receive Christ,' not People's Republic of China..."The … [Read more...]

EXCELLENT NICHOLAS KRISTOF PIECE ON SWEATSHOPS. "For the fundamental problem in the poor countries of Africa and Asia is not that sweatshops exploit too many workers; it's that they don't exploit enough."Via The Agitator and Unqualified Offerings. … [Read more...]

FATHERLESS AMERICA: I'm strongly sympathetic to the point I think Jane Galt is trying to make here, about Bush's "marriage promotion" plan. I haven't looked at the plan and am very skeptical of the efficacy of governmentally-funded (and therefore governmentally-constrained) marriage promotion.But I think her angle of attack is just silly: "As I was saying, if our mothers can't browbeat us into getting married, what hope has a faceless government bureacracy?"Well yeah, whatever. But every … [Read more...]

SESAME STREET VS. MARRIAGE: How far Oscar the Grouch has fallen.More here. … [Read more...]