WEARING BUT A PAPER DRESS: Comics reviews. In alphabetical order to maximize randomness.JM DeMatteis and Glenn Barr, Brooklyn Dreams. This is a fun and easy to read coming-of-age/family/drugs/search for God tale, but nothing more. DeMatteis has a sweet sense of humor, and the drawings are appealingly exaggerated--portraying the world the way children see it, cartoonishly. The pictures set in the past are stark black-and-white, funny, and hyper; those set in the present are awash in gray tones, … [Read more...]


"SLEEP? THAT'S WHERE I'M A VIKING!" Contribute your favorite "Simpsons" lines. Yes, it's one of those threads. I love those threads."Even Gore Vidal has kissed more boys than me!""Girls, Lisa. Boys kiss girls." … [Read more...]


I'm afraid of people who like Blogwatch in the Rye; Yeah, I like it too, But someone tell me why...(Actually I really hated Catcher in the Rye the only time I read it, but maybe that's because my school made us read it in, I think, junior high. This cannot be the best way to read the book.)Daniel Drezner: American tariffs and subsidies throw American candymakers out of work. Interesting stuff in comments, too. Oxblog explains why this post is important: It's easier to see the concentrated … [Read more...]


"Among Chinese Christians themselves is the belief--indeed some Chinese Christians refer to it as a divine calling--for Christian believers from China to bring the Gospel to the Muslim world." --David Aikman, Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power … [Read more...]


LYRICS TO "OBEDIENCE SCHOOL": I've been listening to this Brian Dewan song (listen to it here) obsessively for the past, oh, week or so. The lyrics don't seem to be online anywhere. This is what I gleaned:When I was in obedience school, I could make a rabbit stew. I could fix a sewage pipe, I could build a beaver dam. When I moved to a rooming house, No one told me what to do. Now I play with bottlecaps; I can break a drinking glass. People tell me every day, "Don't tell people what to … [Read more...]


MEA CUBA: Powerful meditation on Spain, Cuba, family, and Sister Death. Your dose of myrrh at Christmastide. Must-read.Via Dappled Things. … [Read more...]


PARTS OF A HOLE: Dappled Things' sermon for Christmas. Describing that feeling of insufficiency, of thirst in a salt sea, that is one of the greatest motive forces in history....The problem seen by the Jews and pagans is not a long-gone problem of the distant past. As long as humanity exists, there will also exist the problem of the emptiness of the human heart. What can possibly fill it? It is a problem that confronts us all....From the poorest peasant to the Queen upon her throne, … [Read more...]