EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEAR: Hilarious list of Things I Will Not Do When I Direct A Shakespeare Production. Including but definitely not limited to the following:1. The ghost of Hamlet's father will not be played by the entire ensemble underneath a giant piece of diaphanous black material.10. I will not treat A Midsummer Night's Dream as though it were Un Chien Andalou.25. I will not use long red ribbons to represent blood, particularly if the long red ribbons bear an unnerving resemblance to … [Read more...]


Rivers lifted his hands to his chin, smelling the medical school smell of human fat and formaldehyde, only partially masked by carbolic soap. He watched Head's expression as he looked at Lucas's shaved scalp, and realized it differed hardly at all from his expression that morning as he'd bent over the cadaver. For the moment, Lucas had become simply a technical problem. Then Lucas looked up from his task, and instantly Head's face flashed open in his transforming smile. A murmur of … [Read more...]


LINK FROM JULIAN SANCHEZ: Everything that follows is from Hit & Run: Via The Agitator comes the Spending Explosion flash game, in which you slap GOP officials with the Constitution (a Cato Pocket Constitution, to be exact) whack-a-mole style in an attempt to keep runaway spending under control. For extra verisimilitude, it appears to be a Kobayashi Maru. Random D.C. incestuousness aside: The game's designer, Brian Kieffer, now lives in my old apartment.link … [Read more...]


SUPPORT-THE-TROOPS SITE. In time for the holidays. … [Read more...]


If you have been wanting to know more about this "Rivers" person who keeps coming up in the book quotes, go here. … [Read more...]


WHOA: "Why would a child as young as three years old ever be on mind-altering drugs? For the past eight months, the News 4 WOAI Trouble Shooters have poured through reams of state documents and discovered thousands of foster kids appear to be on powerful psychotropic drugs. Many of these children are barely in kindergarten. Some are mere toddlers."more (via Family Scholars) … [Read more...]


Rivers waited. When it was clear Prior could offer nothing more he said, "You say the worst feature of their situation is the eye?""Yes.""The constantly being spied on?""Yes."Rivers asked gently, "In that meeting with Mrs. Roper, who was the spy?""I--" Prior's mouth twisted. "I was." --Pat Barker, The Eye in the Door … [Read more...]