THE LAST OF THE REALLY GREAT WHANGDOODLES: I think this will be my last post on titling--thanks very much to all who wrote in!Sean Collins adds a large list, with which I often though not always agree, here (and notes that I am super lazy and have bad blog etiquette! How's this, SC--previous title posts can be found here here here here here).Joshua Elder says something with which I thoroughly agree: [T]here remains a glaring omission I simply must address: "Airplane!" The Zucker Bros. … [Read more...]

SCREAM FOR JEEVES! Hilarity from WJ Duquette.You can buy the original Scream for Jeeves: PG Wodehouse meets HP Lovecraft here, and believe me, it is worth every cent. … [Read more...]

CHORUS: Did you perhaps go further than you told us?PROMETHEUS: Yes, I stopped mortals from foreseeing doom.CHORUS: What cure did you discover for that sickness?PROMETHEUS: I sowed in them blind hopes.CHORUS: That was a great help that you gave to men. --Aeschylus, "Prometheus Bound," tr. Grene … [Read more...]

"I TASTE A LIQUOR NEVER BREWED": Terry Teachout writes to say, in re Ye Olde Title Discussion, "Dickie Umfraville, one of the characters in Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time, serves a cocktail dubbed Death Comes for the Archbishop. I've always wondered what was in it!"This seems like a good lead-in for a contest. Way back in college, Ratty and I hosted a drink-mixing party in which we started with the names of drinks and attempted to come up with recipes that would fit the names. … [Read more...]

THE MOVIES SEARCH FOR SPIRIT: Excerpts from a phenomenal speech by Barbara Nicolosi. Stuff in bold is my emphasis....There is an artistic movement crowding in on Hollywood which is pushing this idea more and more. It is changing cinema, or in many ways, restoring cinema to its roots in the lyrical, poetic imagery of the Silent Screen.I call this movement, The "Don't Show How Things Look, Tell Us What They Mean" Movement. It is being driven very much by a young crop of directors who made … [Read more...]

"HEPHAESTUS: For the mind of Zeus is hard to soften with prayer and every ruler is harsh whose rule is new." --Aeschylus, "Prometheus Bound," tr. David Grene … [Read more...]

AUTHOR TURNS LOVE OF RATS INTO BOOK: Sullivan's book tracks the history of rats, describes such oddities as the promoters of rat fights in the 19th century and details a convention of exterminators.While he once captured a rat, Sullivan says he has never brought one home nor is he likely to adopt one as a pet."No I never kept a rat. I'm married," he explained.moreVia (who else?) The Rat. … [Read more...]