LIMECAT IS NOT PLEASED.Via Oxblog. … [Read more...]

MEN AND ABORTION. Noticed that After Abortion has posted several links recently about men who impregnated women who aborted.Post-abortion counseling for men.Choices and conflict."I stood there and said nothing. ...I hurt over it like I could never explain."The whole site is very much worth your time. … [Read more...]

"MOST OF THEM WANTED YOU SCARED." The New York Times Magazine on sex trafficking in the United States. Grim and necessary. … [Read more...]

There were times when I could have blogwatched her-- But you know I would hate anything to happen to her. No I don't want to see her...Agoraphilia: Did NASA invent everything? More here. My only personal association with Tang is the role it played in the Worst Breakfast I Ever Ate (the day I managed to come down with both pneumonia and heat fever--beat THAT!), but I do like Velcro, and I don't like NASA, so I'm intrigued by any site claiming that the tax-guzzling government space race is a big … [Read more...]

WATCHING THE DETECTIVES: More good responses to my Watchmen piece.Superhero comics as the literature of ethics, a.k.a. stuff I almost entirely ignored! (Partly because I was more into the murder-mystery/existential questions than the superhero/ethical ones. But this post makes like a dozen really good points.) Snippet: "I've reread five issues so far and I'm more convinced than ever: Watchmen is not a story about 'what superheroes would really be like.' It's a story about Cold War … [Read more...]

IT SPEAKS! I will be speaking on same-sex marriage at Notre Dame University, Tuesday, 12.15 PM, at the law school, under the auspices of the Saint Thomas More Law Society. Not sure of the room number, but if you're enterprising I expect you can find me.I will also be speaking on a panel about SSM at Stanford University on February 3. I forget time and don't know place, but will post an update when I have better info. There are more speaking engagements in my future, but no dates confirmed so … [Read more...]

"'In my innermost self I condemned you, but you were so wretched and pathetic, your behaviour was so monstrous, that my heart bled for you.'" --"The Duel"; more on this soonish … [Read more...]