"Attention, world! We bring you the Fish!" --Gordon Korman, Beware the Fish … [Read more...]

OH MY GOD, THERE ARE MORE: (in re #297, though, come on--Mercutio? That's totally reasonable. Lord Capulet not so much.)161. If I must stage Macbeth in a modern setting, there is no reason to dress the Scottish nobles as Hare Krishnas, especially if I also arm them with machine guns. 165. At no time shall Romeo slap Tybalt with a fish. This is especially key during their confrontation in 3.1. 201. Similarly, I will remember that Much Ado is a comedy. I will refrain from having the company … [Read more...]

HOME IS THE HUNTER: I recently finished re-reading Regeneration and The Eye in the Door, the first two books in Pat Barker's World War I trilogy. (I remember the third book, The Ghost Road, as being pretty awful, thus have no immediate plans to re-read it. If someone out there would like to confirm or correct this impression, please drop me a line.) Here are some admittedly overpersonal and quite scattered thoughts about the two books.Regeneration is mostly about the psychiatrist who "treats" … [Read more...]

"He did not have the habit of self-examination and had the feeling that it was vanity that made people speak about their virtues. And their faults." --"Where All Things Wise and Fair Descend"This, by the way, is an excellent story. It's not especially subtle; it's declarative and collegiate and nervous. It's also a stark portrayal of grief, youth, and, maybe especially, California. You should read it. (It's in this anthology.) … [Read more...]

"OWNERSHIP SOCIETY STILL NEEDS RULES": Sebastian Mallaby column, via SRD. Excerpts: The Bush team's "ownership society" is mainly about Social Security: It wants to convert part of this government program into private retirement accounts. But the administration is skeptical of corporate collectivism as well as the governmental variety. It's not sure that your employer should provide your health care or your retirement plan. And it may well be right.Corporations became the anchors of … [Read more...]

YOUNG AND CATHOLIC: New blog! and new book! Tim Drake of Register fame. … [Read more...]