"The paper was replete with all those words that now held such fascination for him, but which he had hardly, if ever, uttered back in the living room in Camden: 'irony' and 'values' and 'fate,' 'will' and 'vision' and 'authenticity,' and, of course, 'human,' for which he had a particular addiction." --Philip Roth, My Life as a Man … [Read more...]


I HOPE THIS IS THE ONLY THING I POST ABOUT KERRY AND SOME CHICK: "Anyway, one of the great things about practical politics is it offers so many no-lose propositions for the libertarian psyche. Either Kerry is an examplar of the hypocrisy, recklessness and arrogance of power, OR his enemies prove just how much venality and viciousness exists in the world of 'public service.'"Real thinking, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, from me soonish. … [Read more...]


I watched a blog I climbed up there You (you, you, you) didn't care Her feet were bare...The Agitator: Good comments on the death penalty.Church of the Masses: There's still time to apply for Act One--intense, competitive writing boot camp for Christians seeking to work in Hollywood.Old Oligarch: Yale's greatness even in its concupiscence. (With apologies to Blaise Pascal.)Sursum Corda: "For a moment, the public space of the town square had become a sacred space merely by being within … [Read more...]


LEARNING FROM INSOMNIA: Middlebrow movies starring John Cusack mostly suck (with one exception); better to rent B- or even B-minus thrillers.The roundup: "28 Days Later": Compelling, watchable, grim, but not nearly as smart as it thinks it is. Basic zombies. Not worth your time unless you, like me, are working on a project involving zombies. (This is different from the ghost-ship project. I am genretastic.) Oh--no, I'm wrong--this is also worth your time if you want beautiful, loving scenes of … [Read more...]


"'Feel my feather.'" --Portnoy's Complaint … [Read more...]


UPRISING IN HAITI. I haven't been able to find anything yet on what the rebels want. Aristide is a repressive, two-bit tyrant, but there's no guarantee that what replaces him would be better. … [Read more...]


"But I will not treat any human being (outside my family) as inferior!" --Portnoy's Complaint … [Read more...]