AFTER ABORTION: Two random thoughts: First, about 80% or so of the post-abortive women I've counseled express serious regrets. I do realize there's self-selection going on here; we're a pro-life center (although many, many of our clients view abortion as a tragic necessity) and most of our clients were raised Christian.But I also wonder whether our attempts to understand "post-abortion grief" aren't stymied by a misunderstanding of a particular kind of Protestantism. Many of my clients have … [Read more...]


JANUARY 2003 REASON DEBATE ON INVASION OF IRAQ: John Mueller (anti-invasion) vs. Brink Lindsey (pro). Worth a read, now.My take: Mueller misses the point of the North Korea comparison (he assumes Saddam-nukes are only geopolitically dangerous if Saddam makes the incredibly stupid decision to use them, rather than the not-stupid-at-all decision to use them as major leverage at the bargaining table) and somehow forgets that Saddam's sons were possibly more freakazoid than their father.He also … [Read more...]

"DESIRE: JOY DIVISION": The penultimate chapter of the Holly-Laila-Suha story. I hate the title to this section but I don't have a better one yet. Anyway, things fall apart here. This section needs to be longer, but since I've been posting rough drafts, I'll show you the skeleton. You can read the whole story so far starting here, or just get the new bit here.The next section's gonna be fun. Twist ending. … [Read more...]

THE SAINT LINUS REVIEW: A magazine I probably can't contribute to, but you might. For Catholic poetry and short prose. Link via Mark Shea. … [Read more...]

1999, THE ABORTION NUMBERS: Multiple abortions; abortions and race; which states report the most abortions (not all states report); deaths from legal abortion; more.Via E-Pression. … [Read more...]

Animals strike curious poses; They watch the blog-- The blog between me and you...Amptoons: Two threads on non-superhero comics recommendations.Dappled Things: His sermon on the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe: We are all guadalupanos! "The first thing we need to consider is what is important to the Virgin. The Virgin appeared to a poor Indian and spoke to him in the only language he knew, not the conquerors' Spanish, but the native Nahuatl. She came not to bring more oppression, but to … [Read more...]