FORUM 18: "Forum 18 believes that religious freedom is a fundamental human right, which is essential for the dignity of humanity and for true freedom. ..."Forum 18 News Service (F18News) is a Christian initiative which is independent of any one church or religious group. Its independence is safeguarded by a board whose members are Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic Christians, and who are responsible for matters of policy and fundraising. F18News is committed to Jesus Christ's command to do to … [Read more...]

THE POWER TO TAX IS THE POWER TO DESTROY BOOKSTORES?: I know there are lawyers and legal experts who read this blog! Here's a really troubling case for you all to look at:"The owner of my local comic shop, Paige Gifford, was approached by the IRS in March for a 'compliance audit.' The brand-spankin new agent they had put on her case didn't believe she could make a living selling comics. Once she was able to prove that she was in compliance, and not selling something on the side, and that yes, … [Read more...]

CLONING IN NEW JERSEY: From the Weekly Standard: USING "embryonic stem cell research" (ESCR) as a Trojan Horse, the authors of New Jersey Assembly Bill 2840 are trying to sneak one of the most radical human cloning legalization schemes ever proposed into law. How radical is A-2840? If the bill passes, it will be legal in New Jersey to implant cloned human embryos into wombs, gestate them for up to nine months, and then destroy them for use in research.moreMe on embryo-destructive research. … [Read more...]

If you want to touch the sky Just put a blogwatch in your eye...Hit & Run slams the campaign finance reform decision: "That there's a 'media exemption' only makes it more grotesque--one powerful faction in society (elected officials) throwing a bone to another (the press)."And Volokh hits the other side of the "newspapers are corporations too" coin: "I've mentioned before that I think corporate speech should be just a protected as noncorporate speech. One piece of evidence for this … [Read more...]

IRAQI PROTESTERS OUST APPOINTED GOVERNOR:The demonstrators converged on the provincial governor's office on Sunday with banners, sleeping mats, cooking pots and a simple demand: Iskander Jawad Witwit should quit.After three days and nights of continuous protests, Witwit did just that. But the demonstrators have refused to budge.As soon as Witwit resigned, the local representative of the U.S. occupation authority appointed a former Iraqi air force officer as acting governor. To the … [Read more...]

WHICH LOGICAL FALLACY ARE YOU? I'm Ad Hominem: "You are rude and inconsiderate. You don't like people and would rather not participate in public speaking as a general rule . . .except for the part where you get to make novices cry. That's fun."Via ViciousXRedDragon. … [Read more...]

WHAT KIND OF POSTMODERNIST ARE YOU? I'm a Tortured Conceptual Artist--have to say this sounds sadly true: "Your fellow postmodernists call you an anachronism, but you've never cared much about the opinions of others. After all, most of them are far too simple-minded to appreciate the nuances of your work. They talk, while you are part of a lived tradition."Via Motime Like the Present. … [Read more...]