OUTSIDE OVER THERE: Today was as social for me as all of last week put together.... Ran into Shamed on the way to the coffeeshop; got a letter from Ratty; then ran into Tepper at Jonathan Rauch's book talk and had a wonderful conversation of which slightly more presently.Also, taxes are done. TurboTax: Because numbers frighten me. Apparently the government does not want people to be entrepreneurs. This year I filed no W2s, only 1099s, and let me tell you, I can't believe that horrible thing … [Read more...]


Blogwatch, it's not a blogwatch so you feel a bit insulted...Camassia on blogging and faith: "Book learning is, I'm sure, deeper than blogging for people who already have had in-person experience with faith and church. But for those outside, with no idea where to start, blogging is a much better way in."If Telford had never started his blog, not only would I never have met him, I most likely would never have met anyone like him."Family Scholars: Beautiful post from Elizabeth Marquardt … [Read more...]


"If the scientist is the prince of the post-religious age, lord and sovereign of the Cosmos itself through his transcendence of it, the artist is the suffering servant of the age, who, through his own transcendence and his naming of the predicaments of the self, becomes rescuer and savior not merely to his fellow artists but to his fellow sufferers." --Lost in the Cosmos; I only wish you could read this line in its full context so you could hear the self-irony and steel. Walker Percy is one of … [Read more...]


WALLOWING WEDNESDAY: I actually haven't been wallowing all that much (relatively speaking). But this week's Poetry Wednesday feature would suggest otherwise. Here, have some Housman, doubtless you deserve it for your sins. (I love this poem.)I to my perils Of cheat and charmer Came clad in armor By stars benign;Hope lies to mortals And most believe her, But man's deceiver Was never mine.The thoughts of others Were light and fleeting, Of lovers' meeting Of luck or fame;Mine were of … [Read more...]


A NEW LIBERAL VISION: Krubner is part of a multiblog discussion aiming at a new, revived vision of progressive politics. There look to be many interesting posts already. I, as you know, could never sign on to any vision of "progressivism" that is willing to abandon the most vulnerable among us. But good ideas are welcome wherever they emerge, and I highly recommend this discussion to all my readers, including those who don't expect it to be their kind of thing--there's lots of good stuff there. … [Read more...]


BLOGTONES: Music for your blog. Neat! … [Read more...]


"KISSABLE PICTURES": CARELESS WHISPERS. First section of the new story. Jennifer Smith and John Smith wonder what you think of them. … [Read more...]