YOUNG AND CATHOLIC: New blog! and new book! Tim Drake of Register fame. … [Read more...]

TROOP SUPPORT SITES (send care packages and more): A list here. Also, Operation Uplink--so soldiers can call their families--via a couple people, most recently Unqualified Offerings. … [Read more...]

GONZALES: Scathing piece in Washington Post.Timid-but-still-fairly-scathing-given-the-source editorial from ditto.This matters. Earlier I compared Gonzales to Arlen Specter. Specter still has his cute little chairmanship. But he had to make a lot of statements that will (I hope, and expect) constrict his future actions; he had to expend political capital; he had to watch as someone else wrote the script for the rest of his term. Everybody says Gonzales is gonna get confirmed. Okay. I don't … [Read more...]

Blogwatch changes everything...Amy Welborn: A little one!Mark Shea is right about Michael Ledeen: "Personally, I prefer to give the Marine more credit and hope that he was trying to do the right thing, not enlist him as a poster boy for Ledeen's evil suggestion to go ahead and 'enter into evil' by 'doing things we know to be morally wrong.'"Relapsed Catholic: Links to American Film Institute's "100 best movie quotes" nominees; but far better than their choices are her comments: "How do you … [Read more...]

"Nobody he had ever cared for had as yet died and everybody in his family had come home safe from all the wars." --Irwin Shaw, "Where All Things Wise and Fair Descend" … [Read more...]

FARM DOLE. Ooh ooh, can I write the missing paragraph about international effects of American subsidies? Pick me, pick me!...Of course, markets always reward some and punish others. The real annoyance in recent farm prosperity is that it only seems to have increased the burden of American taxpayers. Even as farm net income rose by half between 2002 and 2004, the volume of direct government payments (read: subsidies) paid to farmers rose by nearly the same amount, from $11 billion to $15.7 … [Read more...]

HORROR ON SNAPE ISLAND. For reals, yo. … [Read more...]