THE INCREDULITY OF ST. THOMAS: Otto-da-Fe is right about the greatness of this painting. I'm a huge Caravaggio fan in general, but this one may possibly be my favorite. I'll sign on wholeheartedly to Otto's comments: "Incidentally, Caravaggio's 'Incredulity of St. Thomas' is one of my favorite paintings; it emphasizes Christ's physicality at least as effectively as a bloody Crucifixion. And Doubting Thomas's expression is wonderful--not unlike that of the typical viewer seeing this painting for … [Read more...]

"Charles liked poetry because the lines were so short. You could think your own thoughts in the spaces around the print." --Diana Wynne Jones, Witch Week … [Read more...]

DOLLY, DOLLY, DOLLY! Is anything better than "The Essential Dolly Parton"? I didn't think anything could redeem "I Will Always Love You" from Whitney Houston's window-shatteringness. But I'm listening to it now and it's really sweet and not overdone hardly at all. Anyway, yes: I love this album. … [Read more...]

"GETTING FIRED": RESTROOMS ARE FOR CUSTOMER USE ONLY. The latest installment of my short story. In which we meet the boss. You can read the whole thing from the beginning here, or just get the latest events here.Next installment: Amy. … [Read more...]

ST. BLOG'S PARISH HALL: Discussion forum. … [Read more...]

I KNOW A SONG THAT GETS ON EVERYBODY'S NERVES: I don't know why this happened. It just did. (There are already at least two verses reserved for the oral tradition.) Tune is, of course, Right Said Fred.I'm too meta for my books, Too meta for my books, More meta than I look. I'm too meta for my theory, Too meta for my theory, So meta it's eerie. I'm too meta for this song, Too meta for this song, So meta, it's just wrong. I'm too meta for my age, Too meta for my age, More meta than John … [Read more...]

Darling, it seems that you belong in Gone with the Wind; the proper place for a romantic. You belong in a tumultous world of changes and opportunities, where your independence paves the road for your survival. It is trying being both a cynic and a dreamer, no?Which classic novel do you belong in? (The questions are above average.)Also Tepper's fault. … [Read more...]