"DONNIE DARKO": Saw this movie on Friday with Tepper, an anarchocapitalist for marriage, and Mrs. Shamed. (Tepper: "So... we've got a conservative, an anarchocapitalist, and a radical federalist." What better group to see a movie about a giant apocalyptic rabbit?)Anyway. I'm still not sure whether "DD" made any sense. Apparently this site OOPS! this site! offers some guidance. I will say that I am really, really, REALLY looking forward to seeing it again. It feels sprawling or sloppy in … [Read more...]


I have only come here seeking knowledge, Things they would not teach me of in blogwatch...[Are those really the lyrics? "Things they would not teach me of in college"??? I thought it was the much-less-stupid "things they would not teach me back in college." Points off, "Sting." ("Sting"?) ("Hannnnsel?"--prize to whoever gets that one.)]After Abortion: More on post-abortion grief--don't try to go it alone; and more on post-abortion depression: "Sarah Stoesz of Planned Parenthood indicated in … [Read more...]


"'I want him to go to Hebrew school! I want him to be bar mitzvahed! How can a boy named 'Vinny' be bar mitzvahed?'" --JM DeMatteis, Brooklyn Dreams … [Read more...]


THE BAD SEX AWARDS. Arguments for censorship. One runner-up includes the term "pant-hoots," which are panting hoots, I think. Don't say I didn't warn you.Via Arts and Letters Daily. … [Read more...]


FIGHT SOCIALIZED SORCERY! "Evil makes good look better," "AWAKE! to the danger of gawking!", "RESIST PLASTICS," and many other fine slogans. Fun stuff.Tangentially via Motime Like the Present. … [Read more...]


SURVEY: Found randomly amid various Internet flotsam.1. Which book are you currently reading? JM DeMatteis/Glenn Barr, Brooklyn Dreams.And Lend Me Your Ears, a collection of speeches edited by William Safire, but you really can't take that on the bus or in the bath, thus it's hard for the Book Ape to make progress here.2. What book did you read last? The Great Short Works of Franz Kafka, tr. Joachim Neugroschel. "In the Penal Colony" is the best by far. The short-shorts aren't nearly as … [Read more...]


AFTER ABORTION: Two random thoughts: First, about 80% or so of the post-abortive women I've counseled express serious regrets. I do realize there's self-selection going on here; we're a pro-life center (although many, many of our clients view abortion as a tragic necessity) and most of our clients were raised Christian.But I also wonder whether our attempts to understand "post-abortion grief" aren't stymied by a misunderstanding of a particular kind of Protestantism. Many of my clients have … [Read more...]