INTERESTING REVIEW OF ATTEMPTED LEFT/RIGHT COMPROMISE PLAN: Ramesh Ponnuru on TechCentral Station.The subtitle of Matthew Miller's book The Two Percent Solution promises that it will "fix America's problems in ways liberals and conservatives can love." ...The idea is to provide high wages, health insurance, campaign-finance reform, and a decent education for all for an additional investment of two percent of GDP.Right away, we have been taken away from neutral territory. The purpose of … [Read more...]

MOLESTATION-RING CHARGES IN WASHINGTON ARCHDIOCESE: "The archdiocese, the letter says, has 'taken a path of denial and resistance' despite 'credible allegations of a pattern of abuse in Washington and Maryland that is identical to the pattern we have encountered in Boston, Chicago and other locales.' A network of child-molester priests, it says, operated out of a parish in Prince George's County from the 1960s through the 1980s. 'Dozens' of boys, it says, ages 8 to 16, were treated as 'sexual … [Read more...]

"The Three Self continues to live at the beck and call of the Religious Affairs Bureau, or to give it its most recent official name, the State Administration of Religious Affairs (SARA). This is the political agency that reports to the United Front Work Department of the Communist Party on how China's religious life is being administered and controlled. Privately, Three Self officials often complain about the interference and restrictions imposed even on China's 'open' churches by SARA … [Read more...]

AREA MAN HAS NAKED-LADY FETISH...."When a normal man sees an attractive woman, he is drawn to her stylish hairdo, nicely applied make-up and flattering dress, and he reacts with an intense desire to marry her," Wasserbaum said. "The naked-lady fetishist, however, is unmoved by such features as hairstyle and clothing, regarding them as distractions and impediments to the one thing that truly interests him--her naked body." ...Scientists theorize that naked-lady fetishism may represent a … [Read more...]

"GETTING FIRED": Part one of the new short story. This segment is relatively normal, really, but this story is about to get very, very weird. Basic setup for the story is: German expressionists and '30s pulp-noir filmmakers team up to remake the Purgatorio. And a good time is had by some.As usual, I'm writing too fast in order to get the draft out, so I know there are problems. Any and all criticism of this or any story, especially negative comments, are extraordinarily welcome. I am the mad … [Read more...]

AT LEAST 29 CATHOLIC MISSIONARIES KILLED IN 2003. Listing of names and circumstances of death, from Fides. … [Read more...]

"At the National Conference on Religious Work in 1954, the new Religious Affairs Bureau director Ho Zhenxiang made it clear that Christian theology itself could now be modified and altered at will by the authorities. Calling the process 'infusing Marxist-Leninist thought into the positive doctrines of religion,' Ho declared,"'The positive values of patriotism should take the place of negative religious propaganda. We Communists can accept as reasonable certain parts of the Bible, which … [Read more...]