"Rivers laughed. 'The point is you hate civilians, don't you? The "callous," the "complacent," the "unimaginative." Or is "hate" too strong a word?'"'No.'" --Pat Barker, Regeneration … [Read more...]


WILD AND AN UNTAMED THING: New question at MarriageDebate: Would same-sex marriage tame gay men?Okay, so most iterations of that argument don't put it quite so bluntly. But one of the undercurrents of the gay marriage debate is the idea that marriage tames men, in general, and so gay marriage would help transform gay male culture, shifting it away from promiscuity and toward responsibility and sexual restraint.But a lot of people within the gay community find this line of argument insulting, … [Read more...]


"So, anyway, it's 3 a.m., and I'm doing my usual 3 a.m. bit, which is lying in bed, bemoaning my fate. Not lying, so much as sitting, actually, because if I bemoan while lying down, I end up with scotch in my hair." --Kyle Baker, Why I Hate Saturn … [Read more...]


YOU KNOW I LIKED THIS "PEANUTS" STRIP. Via Ratty of course.Edited: Oops. Try this link instead. … [Read more...]


"ODYSSEUS'S SCAR": YOUR OWN PERSONAL JUDAS. (Someone to hear your prayers. Someone who cares.) ...Anyway, here's the final section of the last story I will post until the New Year!And it's totally lame. Lots of stuff happens, the plot gets slightly out of my hands, and our characters descend into soap opera. Um, right, the story is about spies. And stuff. I do think it can be made good--perhaps even very good--but right now... lame. For one thing, it's too short, hence the soapy quality as all … [Read more...]


Oh well I feel so loose tonight I might fall to pieces, So be prepared to sweep me out the door, And I might be horizontal by the time the blogwatch ceases, So I think I'll get acquainted with the floor...Otto-da-Fe goes underground--and finds a hidden movie theater! Too cool."The Myth of the Catholic Voter"--and the revenge of the '70s. (Purple toupee and gold lame, after the hair has gone away....)"Old Testament Parenting"--hilarity, via The Corner."Of the beasts of the field, and of … [Read more...]


"The inventors of the documentary hypothesis believed that by trying to distinguish the various strands they were getting closer to the truth, which, in good nineteenth-century fashion, they assumed to be connected with origins. But in practice the contrary seems to have taken place. For their methodology was necessarily self-fulfilling: deciding in advance what the Jahwist or the Deuteronomist should have written, they then called whatever did not fit this view an interpolation. But this leads, … [Read more...]