I COMPLAIN A LOT about Saint Matthew's Cathedral, my usual church. But Advent seems to have brought out the best in the 5:30 homilist (yes, I am that lazy), who I think is Msgr. Jameson--? The past two Sundays have brought us really good homilies.The first Sunday of Advent we were reminded that Advent shouldn't just be a kind of seasonal costume parade, where we all pretend like Jesus is coming for the first time, make-believe. Advent should be an opportunity to relive the coming of Christ by … [Read more...]


COMICS LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE: I get a lot of people asking me, essentially, What's a nice girl like you doing in a semi-comics blog like this? This is because people generally think of comics (a medium) as superheroes (a genre--even a subgenre); see below for more on that. So I figured what I'd do is go through the really fun/powerful comics I own and tell you what they're like, and if they're like what you like, maybe you should check them out! Adding the visual storytelling really does change the … [Read more...]


ORIGIN STORIES: How do people get into comics? That's the question that was on my mind after reading Journalista!'s rant/essay about (what he views as) the rotten state of the industry.Because ultimately, that's what I think J! is calling for--more people with more kinds of tastes shaping the industry. And when I think about it that way, Dirk's pessimism or somewhat desperate edge seems pretty persuasive to me, even though I agree with Sean Collins (if it was him?) that hosts of awesome … [Read more...]


THAT'S THE WAY THE KAISER BLOGROLLS: Adding Deeds (working for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq), Iraq the Model, Letter from Gotham, The Rat. Subtracting somewhat randomly. … [Read more...]


THE PINUP REMAINS EVER AFTER IMMORTAL AS ALL AROUND DIES: Fascinating Slate review of Martin Amis's new book, Yellow Dog:...These plot lines are all set rolling by the same tragic flaw: the unsustainability of sexual equilibrium for your average male. ...It is Amis' point that with the digital proliferation (and the widening cultural acceptance) of pornography, sexual equilibrium has become even more elusive. ...[quoting Yellow Dog:] He knew that the distance between himself and the world … [Read more...]


Soon I felt a blogwatch form Somewhere below my skin...The Agitator: Can the government force you to advertise for your industry? Right now, yes. The Institute for Justice (cue trumpets) is trying to change that.Amy Welborn: "Anyway, if you were going to explain the Immaculate Conception to someone who didn't understand it, what would you say?" Lots of good stuff in the comments. More here--and again, check out the comments. Also, take a quiz!Camassia has quite a bit of interesting stuff: … [Read more...]


"Perhaps, however, the enthusiasm of girls her age also played its part--an exuberance that they try to indulge every chance they get. It now inveigled Grete into making Gregor's situation even more terrifying, so she could do even more for him than previously." --Franz Kafka, "The Metamorphosis" … [Read more...]