HOW DO IVF BABIES TURN OUT?: Fertility specialists confront disturbing evidence. … [Read more...]

C.S. LEWIS ON THE LAST THINGS (especially Purgatory). The Great Divorce is an excellent and quick read. … [Read more...]

HERE'S HOPING: From Sed Contra: "I think these election results can only serve to strengthen the hand of the pro-life Democrats since they can now reasonably make the case that if the Kerry campaign had reached out to socially conservative Democrats, Kerry might have won." (here) … [Read more...]

WORDS OF WISDOM FROM RELAPSED CATHOLIC: "Don't pray for victory. Just pray." (more--good to read) … [Read more...]

YIPES: Metro trains collide on the red line. Thank God, no one was killed and there are no life-threatening injuries. Link via The Corner. … [Read more...]

PEOPLE ARE HAVING SEX IN MY ARMPIT: You need a break from the election, no? Why not take that break with some adolescent humor? Here, have a site where people provide titles for movies based solely on the promo posters. I find it thoroughly hilarious, so if you ever wondered exactly which brand of geeked-out stupid teen humor pushes my buttons, now you know. Click at own risk; link contains foul language, smutty implications, and amazing geekosity.I forget where I found this. ...Will have some … [Read more...]

Don't, don't, don't let's start, This is the blogwatch...Raed in the Middle: Raed Jarrar and his family are running a fund drive for Iraqi hospitals. It's done through PayPal and Raed promises frequent updates on funding and where it's going. Click here to learn how you can help.Unqualified Offerings: I'm wrong about the Sybilicious Doom Patrol plot. Jim is probably right. I think the plot had irritated me so much by the end that my reading veered from uncharitable into plainly inaccurate. I … [Read more...]