Resources on God and homosexuality

All of my posts tagged “Gay Catholic Whatnot”

All of my posts tagged “Romoeroticism”

“Homosexuality and the Church: Two Views” (mine is view #2) and my response to some very good criticism

“Romoeroticism” (by me)

In which I attend an ex-gay conference

Notes from my Theology on Tap presentations: NYC and Denver

US Catholic bishops to parents of gay children

“The Long Conversion of Oscar Wilde”

Gay marriage in the Church and the blessing of same-sex friendships (a response to John Boswell, but interesting in its own right)

Same-sex love in the Western Church (by Alan Bray)

John Heard on Augustine and love between men

Ron Belgau autobiographical essay

Belgau, “Love That Does Not Count the Cost”

Spiritual Friendship blog (run by Ron Belgau)

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