Around the Blogosphere

Here are some snippets from around the blogosphere… At Thoughts In A Haystack, John Pieret suggests that the Discovery Institute is yet again acting in a way that belies what it publicly denies, namely that Intelligent Design is religious in nature. There is also a post about the Guillermo Gonzalez tenure case on Further Thoughts. [Read More...]

Sects in the City

A colleague of mine has been having his students develop a web site, called “Sects in the City“, about the various religious communities around Indianapolis. The project was undertaken with support from the Butler University’s Center for Faith and Vocation. I’ve long tried to use computing and the internet in teaching, and in particular getting [Read More...]

Evolution Weekend 2008

8 – 10 February 2008 — Evolution Weekend Evolution Weekend is an opportunity for serious discussion and reflection on the relationship between religion and science. One important goal is to elevate the quality of the discussion on this critical topic – to move beyond soundbytes. A second critical goal is to demonstrate that religious people [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (John Macquarrie)

“When we hear the words ascribed to Jesus in John’s Gospel, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but by me’, we do not hear them in a narrowly exclusive way. In John’s gospel, let us remember, the words of Jesus are the words of the Logos, [Read More...]

How To Spot A Scam: Fondation de France

I continue to have visitors reach my blog because they have been contacted by Sterling Who’s Who and invited to sign up with them. I am sure one reason my complaint was resolved so quickly was the fact that my blog features so prominently on search engines, and thus the post on my blog was [Read More...]

Theology, Ethics and Fully Functional Androids

Today was the day this semester for the students in my religion and science class to engage in speculation about the future of technology. They are asked to discuss in small groups whether a husband who has a “fully functional” female android hidden away in his closet can sue for divorce on grounds of adultery. [Read More...]

Leaps of Faith in Science and Religion

Is treating existence as meaningful a ‘leap of faith’? Is our experience of meaning sufficient to make it something other than a blind leap in the dark? Is treating existence and meaningless, a brute inexplicable fact, also a leap of faith? Is the experience of tragedy and chance enough to justify it? Do such experiences [Read More...]

Either Tim LaHaye or the Antichrist is an Idiot: You Decide

Experimental Theology (hat tip: Find and You shall Seek) has an entertaining but also thought provoking post, asking why dispensational premillenialists assume that the antichrist will be someone who never reads the Book of Revelation (or the Left Behind books). [Read more...]

Excerpts from a 23rd-Century Bible Translation (and a 20th-century poem)

My friend with the time machine has brought me back another gem, this time a 23rd century translation of the Bible. I was going to post the whole dynamic-equivalent translation of the Sermon on the Mount (in an approximation in modern English), but decided to just share a few highlights instead: Blessed are the meek, [Read More...]

Quotes of the Day (Arthur Peacocke and Howard J. Van Till)

“The processes revealed by the sciences, especially evolutionary biology, are in themselves God-acting-as-creator. There is no need to look for God as some kind of additional factor supplementing the processes of the world. God, to use language usually applied in sacramental theology, is “in, with, and under” all-that-is and all-that-goes-on” (Arthur Peacocke, “Biological Evolution – [Read More...]

Discount Q Puns

Since my current research is not on Q, I thought that perhaps others for whom this is more their area of expertise might like to make use of some of the following puns (which I will gladly part with to the highest bidder) in posting on this subject: J’aQQQQQQ…Mark Goodacre A Qmulative Case for a [Read More...]