How To Believe

How to Believe: Teachers and Seekers Show the Way to a Modern, Life-Changing Faith by Jon Spayde (New York: Random House, 2008) is a striking book to read after finishing Gretta Vosper’s With Or Without God, since it reflects an almost opposite perspective, that of someone who is attracted to Christianity, as opposed to someone [Read More...]

Obama Confesses To Being Hindu Muslim Antichrist

In a recent statement, Barack Obama has acknowledged that he is indeed a devotee of the Hindu god Hanuman. He also acknowledged being a Muslim, and that he also happens to be the antichrist. His statement did not address the accusation that he is, in addition to everything else, a fruitcake. When asked if these [Read More...]

With Or Without God (a song for Gretta Vosper)

With or without God (with apologies to U2) See the stone set in God’s eyesSee the thorn twist in God’s sideI wait for God Sleight of hand and twist of fateOn a bed of nails God makes me waitAnd I wait without God With or without GodWith or without God Through the storm we reach [Read More...]

Obama’s Faith…in Hanuman?!

The Times of India reports plans by Hanuman devotees to send a gold-plated statue of the deity to Barack Obama, whom they believe to be a devotee himself, and to carry a lucky charm of Hanuman on his person. Hmm… [Read more...]

Review of Gretta Vosper, With or Without God

Review of Gretta Vosper, With or Without God: Why The Way We Live is More Important than What We Believe (Toronto: Harper Collins, 2008). ISBN 978-1-55468-228-7. 384 + xvi pp. “What is a Christian? Am I a Christian?” These are questions that have come up time and again on this blog, and they frequently do [Read More...]

Mandaean Baptism on YouTube

There is a video clip of a Mandaean baptism in Iran on YouTube: This is only one of several video clips related to the Mandaeans and their current plight. [Read more...]

Is Jesus the Only Way? Not according to most Christians…or the Bible!

Evangelical fundamentalists are the ones who usually pose the question in these terms, “Is Jesus the only way?” and then they will say “Let’s see what the Bible says” and then read John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” There are two [Read More...]

Syriac New Testament in Audio Format?

Does anyone know of a recording of the Syriac New Testament in audiobook format, either on CD or as mp3s? If so, let me know! [Read more...]

Snippets from a Sunday Service

I thought I’d share a couple or things from the service I attended yesterday. First, there was a clip of poet Amena Brown reciting her poem “To Worship You“. I am sure that many regular visitors to this blog may not think of God in the same way she does, but since we talk a [Read More...]

Review of Birger Pearson’s Ancient Gnosticism

A review I wrote of Birger Pearson’s Ancient Gnosticism: Traditions and Literature (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2007) has just appeared in the Review of Biblical Literature. [Read more...]

Review of Kenneth E. Bailey, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

Review of Kenneth E. Bailey, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels (Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2008). ISBN 978-0-8308-2568-4. 443 pp. In his latest book, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes, Kenneth Bailey provides further discussion of various parts of the New Testament Gospels, from the perspective that has been his own unique [Read More...]