Searching for a Dean

Butler University is currently searching for a new Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The advertisement has now appeared on both the university and the college web sites, and I thought I’d mention it here, since you or someone you know might be interested in the position! [Read more...]

Raising the BAR for discussion of the Secret Gospel of Mark

For those who don’t get the pun, BAR – that is, Biblical Archaeology Review – has an article in their latest issue which can also be read online, about the Secret Gospel of Mark. It is by Charles W. Hedrick and the title is “‘Secret Mark’: An Amazing Discovery” BAR 35:06, Nov/Dec 2009. [Read more...]


Given that my sense of humor is extremely “Onionesque”, I don’t know why I continued for so long to rely on others to fill me in on the latest “news” from that wonderful satirical source. I’ve now subscribed, but I am grateful to John Wilkins for drawing to my attention the recent piece about how [Read More...]

Six New Scholarships to Celebrate 600 Years of Divinity in St Andrews

I just received this notification and thought I’d share it: The School of Divinity at St Mary’s College, St Andrews, Scotland is offering six PhD scholarships to be taken up in the Autumn of 2010-or as soon as possible thereafter-to work in the following fields: 1. The Matthew Black Scholarship: for a student interested in [Read More...]

At Home In The Garden Of God

I received an e-mail today about a new book on theological cosmology, from which the table of contents, preface and first chapter are available online for free. The book is The Garden of God: A Theological Cosmology (Theology and the Sciences) by Alejandro García-Rivera. Given the interest I and many readers of this blog share [Read More...]

Talking About God Near Emmaus

Brian LePort has been blogging about whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God (on his blog Near Emmaus). I’ve commented on those posts and we’ve had some interesting discussion, and now Brian has offered a complete post dedicated to addressing some of the points I made in comments, and asking a few new questions. [Read More...]

For the Love of Boaz

The textbook I’m using for my class on the Bible refers more than once to “romance” and “falling in love” as elements of the Book of Ruth. This is a common interpretation from the standpoint of many modern cultures, but does it really have any basis in the text? It seems that it is perhaps [Read More...]

Monotheism Meeting?

I was just talking with someone currently doing research on John’s Christology and Jewish monotheism, and the thought occurred to me that it might be useful for a bunch of us who are interested in this subject to meet up for lunch one day at SBL. Anyone interested? Any specific days that you’d prefer? If [Read More...]

Soodo Nym Update

I know some readers of this blog have been following and/or interested in the recent discussions and legal actions related to a blogger who went by the pseudonym Soodo Nym, and who turned out to be Butler student Jess Zimmerman. The faculty at Butler University were notified today that as of yesterday the legal action [Read More...]

Got a Match?

Here’s a classic from Chick Corea and the Elektric Band to get your morning started. I saw them live once, and this piece (“Got a Match?”) is one of my favorites from that period. [Read more...]

Harry Potter

I finished reading the last of the Harry Potter books with my son this evening. He’d read them all before at some point, although he was younger then and so I’m not sure he got or remembered everything. I’d already heard about some of the religious themes – a quote from the Bible, self-sacrifice and [Read More...]