How Should Lost Have Ended?

A post at IO9 informs us of J. J. Abrams’ view that, while he has heard a lot of negative feedback about how LOST ended, he has not heard good positive suggestions on how it should have ended. The post at IO9 offers some suggestions. What do you think? If you were unsatisfied with the ending, then how do you think LOST should have ended?

Here’s the amusing version from the series “How It Should Have Ended“:

YouTube Preview Image

And of course, this alternate ending is also funny (and there are others):

YouTube Preview Image

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How do you think LOST should have ended? Would you have been more satisfied with me “midi-chlorian ending”?

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  • Just Sayin’

    “How do you think LOST should have ended?”

    Two years earlier.

  • LOSTfanNO1

    “The End” was the perfect way to end it, Most people that complain just didnt understand it, or claim WRONGLY that many many questions were left unanswered. They then blame the show for their own shortcomings, Ridiculous. LOST= Best written, best acted, Best produced, BEST tv series of ALL TIME.

  • DharmaKING Dave

    How it DID, Brilliant.

  • Suarez7

    There would have been no way to end it that would have pleased everyone, If they had dumbed it down and “CSI’d” the end the people who love it now would have been unhappy and vise versa. 

    It was an amazing show, and it was a great finale, The finale infact redeemed the final season after 1 or 2 not so great episodes.