September 2011 Biblical Studies Carnival Episode III: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

Episode III of the Biblical Studies Carnival is coming soon, and its theme will be…well, since almost no one expressed any interest in offering their opinion about what the theme should be, the theme will be a surprise, and thus inevitably something that I will like and no one else will.

But I will ask for your input one last time. If there are posts around the blogosphere related to Biblical studies that you think I might have missed, let me know what they are in a comment here.

Also, I have not yet included any posts from my own blog in the carnival. If you had to pick a post or two from Exploring Our Matrix for inclusion, which would you vote for? Let me know your answers to that question as well in comments on this post.

The carnival will be with you…always.

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  • Michael Halcomb

    The asbury connect post, my greek apps posts and the post about barrett may be worth including.

  • Bob MacDonald

    Thanks for picking up my earlier posts on Venuti. I did another one and also a post on poetry and form

    I got quite a kick out of the Brick literalism

    Also on the issue of the original music implied in the te-amim – I wonder if anyone has more info on it. This post of mine pointing to John Wheeler’s you tube series might be of interest. 
    I also have several examples of the Vantourna settings on my psalms posts.  

  • Bob MacDonald

    Doug has a post  here that got few comments – – but seemed like a good question…

  • BWSixteen

    I do very much hope you include my very learned objective queer anal-ysis of Tom’s Wright’s translation of the New Testament. Found here:
    In him,

  • Craig Benno

    You could include my take on what ever you desire in Mark 11

    and I thought your post here  was a real hoot. 

  • Bob MacDonald

    If you are collecting posts on DE translation, this one deserves a mention for the questions raised about the obvious (who would question let alone reject equivalent or dynamic – aren’t those things good by definition?)

    Here also for the formally equivalent agreement with the practice.

    Funny, we use the REB and as I was following in Hebrew while they read in English, I wondered where they were coming from with all that smooth talk. (Though I was impressed with the smoothness).

  • Adam

    A biblical response to Rachel Held Evans’ question: “What is the Gospel?” might be worth considering.

  • Nan Bush

    The Slavery of Death series on – The revelation of Jesus: a quick narrative-historical reading of 1 Peter
    on p.ost.

  • Pär Stenberg

    Shouldn’t you post Episodes IV-VI first?

  • James F. McGrath

    @facebook-722151080:disqus , if I had had George Lucas’ forethought, I would have done that. I’ll just have to do “prequels” involving time travel, sort of like Season 5 of LOST…

  • James F. McGrath

    OK, I think all requests here have been honored in the carnival somewhere. I’m scheduling it to post early tomorrow morning my local time. 

    Roll credits:

    A long time ago,
    in a blogosphere far, far away…

  • Bob MacDonald in case you hadn’t noticed these