The [ad hoc] Christianity Podcast Episode 27

Episode #27 of the [ad hoc] Christianity podcast has just been posted, which is an interview with me, recorded last night. Click through to listen!

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  • Anonymous

    Listening now.  Enjoying it.

    I echo your take on cross-cultural experience and extend it to studying history.  I have come to realize that my fascination with people in distant times and places was wrapped in my own attempt to cut through the layers of arbitrary cultural norms and expose what is essential to human experience.  Which bits make you a legitimate, “real” human being? 

    Looking back to, I don’t know, high school, I might argue that my failure to fit in with the normal kids (not knowing that they experienced the same struggle) has driven my quest to prove that there is nothing wrong with me, that it is society that is “wrong” or at least “not right”.  How many of our lives’ quests – including, I would hold, spiritual quests – are attempts to deal with that feeling?