Occupy Tattooine

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Is This Going To Be On The Test?
  • Athenenike

    Now you understand!

  • http://twitter.com/Foibled Foibled


  • http://tunabay.com Keika

    Amazing!  Parsing this long paragraph using my Bible Code ELS software, this deciphered message appears: “May the force be with you but not until around Episode VI.  The one percent will elect your new leader in 2012.”

    And finally this very cryptic code:  “Darth Vader wears pantie hose.”   Had me fooled there for a moment.  Oh those 99ers, such great kidders.  

  • Gary

    Science is nice….it can actually agree with sci fi, and maybe with the bible, if a person is not so bull headed. I’m thinking of the evolution discussion, which is pretty long-of-tooth.
    And someone actually doubted…