Evolution and Ecclesiastes

Thanks to God of Evolution for this nice reminder that “what the Bible says,” and how it relates to what science reveals, is not monolithic and uniform, contrary to what young-earth creationists would have you believe. See too the discussion there of whether Genesis depicts creation as not merely good but “perfect.”

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  • http://drchris.me/ Chris Heard

    I would say that this tension exists even within the opening chapters of Genesis itself. Genesis 1 connects humanity with “the image of God,” and places humanity at the pinnacle of creation, divine proxies on earth with dominion over the animals. Genesis 2, however, brings humans and animals closely together, having them created in the same way, with the same “breath of life” in them, constituting the same “living creature” (נפש חיה) type while alive. Psalm 8 aligns with Genesis 1; Ecclesiastes 3 aligns with Genesis 2.

    • http://godofevolution.com/ Tyler Francke

      Great points! Every now and then I like to have a little fun with the literalists by saying the Bible teaches “common ancestry” just as much as Darwin ever did. As you point out, Genesis 1 and 2 both attest to animals originating from the exact same place as the physical bodies of mankind: the ground.

      • David_Evans

        Except that Eve’s physical body is made from Adam’s body, not from the ground. A sort of immaculate conception?

        • http://drchris.me/ Chris Heard

          Think of it as a separation of conjoined twins. Their ultimate origin is still the same.

        • http://godofevolution.com/ Tyler Francke

          In Eve’s case, rib she was and to rib she returned. Her coffin was very small; the family saved a fortune on funeral expenses. 😉

  • dangjin

    You are so desperate to believe that God used evolution, and millions of years, instead of 7 days, and his power, that you will pervert what the scripture says to justify your unbelief in God Word.

    • http://godofevolution.com/ Tyler Francke

      And how are we “perverting” what scripture says? The picture does nothing to God’s word but quote what it says.

      • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath

        Dangjin is just a troll, who keeps posting the same things over and over again. I would ban him or her, but since he or she keeps showing how ignorant, stubborn, irrational, and deceitful young-earth creationists are, it seems as though it would be a pity to put a ban in place, since he or she is serving a very useful purpose!

        • http://godofevolution.com/ Tyler Francke

          Yeah, I know. I’ve actually had him or her over at my site too. I posted a response not for dangjin’s benefit but for those who might be reading :)

  • TomS

    Is there any serious study of the biological concepts of the Bible? Such things as spontaneous generation, taxonomy, metamorphosis, genetics? I know that some creationists claim that the Hebrew word “min” refers to a taxonomic entity, but that seems to me to be an anachronism – is there any literature on this?

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath

      I can’t think of one, but it would be a fantastic idea to put together a volume on the Bible in the context of ancient understandings of what the natural sciences would later study. I might propose this in a post of its own…