Bible Secrets Revealed Website

Mark Goodacre pointed out that there is now a website for the series “Bible Secrets Revealed” which will be debuting on Wednesday on the History Channel.

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  • Gary

    Watched the first two episodes. Thought there was suppose to be 6 episodes. What happened to the other episodes?

    • James F. McGrath

      They’ve been airing. Presumably they haven’t updated the website.

      • Gary

        They aren’t playing where I live, San Diego. Guess I’ll have to resort to watching them on the web when there are updated.

        • James F. McGrath

          I had no idea that the History Channel isn’t available everywhere in the United States!

          • Gary

            Sorry. We have history channel. They just skipped this week for some reason. My DVD recorder shows 2 in a row next Wednesday, 12/18. So all is well