Debate Movie Debate Avoidance

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The above YouTube video is for an upcoming Christian movie (HT PZ Myers). It was shared by Answers in Genesis on YouTube, who will not allow ratings or comments. It is a movie about a parent challenging a biology professor to a debate about evolution, which really ought to end badly for the parent if the movie is realistic, or better still, result in the parent realizing that his and his daughter's faith do not depend on denying what biologists have to say. Instead, it looks like it will depict something unrealistic, and try to avoid anyone hearing criticisms of it. Ironic, isn't it?


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  • Josh Boeke

    I really do want to assume the best about people, and I grew up with genuine and loving fundamentalists who would embrace a movie like this wholeheartedly, but when they are so deliberate about twisting information and squashing any real debate that might lead to truth, it makes me feel really deflated. It’s propaganda and manipulation that takes advantage of the sincerely held beliefs of good, godly people who just don’t know what they don’t know.

    • histrogeek

      It is possible to be a YEC believer and not be a lying jerk as long as that us a personal belief, one that accepts that others hold differing beliefs (even if they are wrong). Tolerance as always is the key.
      Alas it is not possible to actively debate in favor of the YEC position without lying (I’m counting the cultivated ignorance as lying). The jerk part tends to come as a direct result of realizing that the rest of the world is just not going to following along with your lies.

      • Josh Boeke

        Definitely pains me to realize that members of my own family will probably see this movie and eat it up. I wouldn’t mind so much if the acting and writing weren’t so hilariously bad. Reeks of making money off the faithful to me. This beard choice alone should make anyone watching the trailer realize that evil people made this movie:

        • histrogeek

          It’s a common problem in propaganda of all types. Don’t bother making the characters, good or bad, believable or interesting. They are, after all, just talking signs.
          I remain disappointed that Kevin Sorbo didn’t decide to go for pure scenery chewing, mustache twirling, campy evilness in God Is Not Dead. Such a missed opportunity to escape with his own (limited) reputation intact. (At least I assume he didn’t go there. I’ve read a few reviews of it and nobody has mentioned it. I would never spend time or money watching such an obvious piece of drivel.)

        • arcseconds

          Isn’t it better if it’s bad, though? You don’t want fantastic prose and brilliant acting being used in support of terrible ideas, do you?

          • Hydroxonium

            As much as I love your point here, I can see that Josh Boeke meant it in the sense that the way his family members will eat up such terrible junk makes it even more painful for him personally.

    • Hydroxonium

      If fundamentalists were made aware of the reality of the Dunning-Kruger effect, the ones who are honest with themselves and others (i.e. non-delusional) would quickly grow out of their fundamentalist bigotry.

      Some quotes:

      “The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” —Bertrand Russell

      “To understand the actual world as it is, not as we should wish it to be, is the beginning of wisdom.” —Bertrand Russell

      “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” —Confucius

      “The Foole doth thinke he is wise, but the wiseman knowes himselfe to be a Foole.” —Shakespeare

      Proverbs 11:2 (CEB)
      2 When pride comes, so does shame,
      but wisdom brings humility.

    • Chad Curtiss

      I echo your story and feel the same. It is a product of any fundamentalist faith itself. The belief is dependant on blind rejection of anything that is contrary to the belief regardless of evidence, reason or shared empathy. It is almost like a built in survival mechanism for the belief to not unravel the whole faith itself. Fundamentalism is fueled by fear. Fears main focuses is survival, not wholeness.

  • Jerome

    The stupid, it burns.

  • Guest

    Sorry to spoil your discussion here, but when a movie is not reieased to be reviewed it almost always means that the distributor knows it is really bad. This way they can get a little box office action before it goes straight to the bargain video bin at the local Lifeway bookstore. It will show up for $.99 later.

  • LorenHaas

    Sorry to spoil your discussion here, but when a movie is not released to be reviewed it almost always means that the distributor knows it is really, really bad. This way they can get a little box office action before it goes straight to the bargain video bin at the local Lifeway bookstore. It will show up for $.99 later.

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