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Theology After Google

Last week, I attended an outstanding conference at Claremont School of Theology called Theology After Google. The hope of the conference was to encourage progressive Christians to “leverage new technologies and networks for transformative ministry.” The event was hosted by a passionate group of progressive theologians including Philip Clayton and Tripp Fuller, founders of Transforming Theology, a grassroots project to get theology out of the academy and back into the church.

“Progressive Christian theologians have some vitally important things to say,” said Tripp Fuller, event co-creator, “things that both the church and society desperately need to hear. We need to equip progressive Christians to effectively use the new technologies, social media and social networking. When it comes to the effective communication of message, the Religious Right is running circles around us.” [Read more…]


One of my very favorite things about church is communion. I’m always moved by the steady flow of people; all shapes and sizes, embodying so much joy, grief, wonder, questions, longings and hope, coming forward week after week to be fed at the table. The bread and the wine Jesus shared with his friends a reminder of his love for us and presence with us, and our interconnectedness to all. I’m always struck by the audacity of the invitation to “come,” whoever we are, in whatever state we find ourselves, to be a part of the feast. To be God’s friend at the table. [Read more…]

Welcome to our new group blog…

Welcome to Faith Forward, the new group blog of the Mainline Protestant Portal. Our hope is to host a new space for a wide variety of forward-thinking voices from the mainline, progressive and emergent church around the conversations that are shaping the future of the Church. In the coming days, you’ll be hearing from pastors, scholars, youth ministers, sacred artists, parents and youth — all seeking to reveal some some piece of the puzzle of what it is to live faithfully as a Christian in the world. Look for posts on everything from practicing our faith in a Facebook age to serving as a medical missionary in Bangladesh. We’ll be hosting conversations on transforming theology, the changing church landscape, spirituality, preaching, parenting, faith and politics, religion and science, interfaith dialogue, movies, art, music and sports. [Read more…]