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Welcome to Faith Forward, the new group blog of the Mainline Protestant Portal.  Our hope is to create a new online space for a wide variety of forward-thinking voices from the mainline, progressive and emergent church around the conversations that are shaping the future of the Church.  In the coming days, you’ll be hearing from pastors, scholars, youth ministers, sacred artists, spiritual directors, laypeople, parents and youth — all seeking to reveal some some piece of the puzzle of what it is to live faithfully as a Christian in multi-faith world. Look for  posts on everything from practicing our faith in a Facebook age to serving as a medical missionary in Bangladesh. We’ll be hosting conversations on the changing church landscape, transforming theology, spirituality, preaching, parenting, faith and politics, religion and science, interfaith dialogue, movies, the arts and sports.

Our new group blog is the cornerstone of our re-designed religion portals, featuring religious news, articles, educational resources and inspiration for deepening your faith while engaging the other in a pluralistic world.  To that end, be sure to visit another religion portal or two while you’re here at Patheos and join a conversation with a Muslim, a Pagan or a Jew about their faith in the world.

Our faith is nothing if it’s not alive and incarnate in the world.  We hope the conversations we’re hosting will inspire you to be a more alive and gracious person of faith in this rapidly changing world.  Come back often and join a discussion that inspires you, or raises a question for you.   And let us know how we’re doing at MainlinePortal@patheos.com.

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