An Unscheduled Easter

Carl McColman from The Website of Unknowing recently posted a provocative blog on the implications of scheduling Easter.

McColman correctly names that there are elaborate charts for determining the date of Easter, which in Western Christianity falls each year on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring Equinox.

In contrast to the predictable charts for determining the date of Easter, the original Resurrection was a life-altering surprise for the devastated disciples, who thought the Jesus movement had ended with the Roman Empire’s execution of Jesus.

Our scheduled Easter has passed for this year, and perhaps it is good that we do schedule an annual reminder that God is ceaselessly working for love and life in even the bleakest situations.  But, in the coming weeks, as new life buds — and flowers surround you — I invite you to be open to the surprise of an unscheduled Easter yet to come.

Where do you see signs of resurrection in yourself, in those you love, and in creation?

Where is God birthing new life on the other side of death, fresh hope on the other side of despair, and unexpected peace on the other side of fear?

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