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  • Regina Heater

    I find myself at a crossroads with this. I (mostly) love curating visual content. Love Tumblr, esp. the animated GIFs. I love Pinterest. I don’t love Instagram. Haven’t even downloaded Vine (and haven’t liked most Vine videos I’ve seen… too visually jarring for me.) I can’t figure out if this is because I’m disinclined to attach myself to yet another social network, finding that I can barely keep up with the ones I’m already on… or if it’s because my learning style leans toward reading/words and so all the pretty pictures overwhelm me. It’s probably a combination of both.

    • Meredith Gould

      As you know, Regina, I love Pinterest. Happy place! I wasn’t especially interested in Instagram at first, but that has changed. I find it has reawakened/enlivened my ability to see what’s around me.

      For example, last month instead of being peeved that I was stuck at the supermarket, I shifted into “Wow, what’s around to shoot?” mode. That led to shooting what I titled, “Displaced Onion” and “Jailed Strawberries.” World illuminated in a new way.

      I don’t leave many comments nor do I receive many via Instagram or Pinterest but I know that I feel like get a glimpse into someone’s view of the world when I see what they’ve pinned or pictures they’ve taken. I go even further (surprise!) to notice which filters they use on Instagram and have a few theories about who choose what and why.

      Vine? Yes, jarring because of the technology. I recorded and posted only one Vine video, “My Sacred Beating Heart.” I have yet to get Instagram video to work on my Android phone — just as well!

      As for the social networking aspects, with a few exceptions (e.g., U.S Interior) I follow on Pinterest and Instagram who I already follow on Twitter and Facebook. I’m claiming this is strategic: getting to know people better through what they see.

      And of course my constant advice is this: do not use social media if it sucks energy. Ask: does doing this enhance my spiritual life or does it undermine it?