Mimetic Mondays: Nelson Mandela and the Mimetics of Forgiveness

Since Nelson Mandela’s death, we have been fortunate to reacquaint ourselves with his extraordinary life. As I’ve watched the news coverage of his death and memorial service, a remark on CBS This Morning from a South African struck me as particularly meaningful. He said about Mandela, He emancipated me from the bondage of oppression. Now [Read More…]

Mimetic Monday: Reflecting on Christmas & the Incarnation by Stephanie Perdew VanSlyke, M.Div., Ph.D.

Why did the birth of Jesus matter to the early church? What did they think was the salvific power of the incarnation? And how might mimetic theory help us understand the relationship between incarnation and salvation? Those are a few questions subscribers to the Teaching Nonviolent Atonement live video chat will discuss this Thursday at [Read More…]

Mimetic Monday: Sermon: Advent Hope, Anxiety, and Waking Up

When I was in college, one of my best friends had a poster in his room that said, “Stay awake! Jesus is coming.” I hated that poster. The words come from both of our New Testament readings this morning. (Matthew 24:36-44 and Romans 13: 11-14.)  Both readings admonish people to stay awake, and the fact that I [Read More…]