Is God Guilty?

God is guilty. I do not make this claim lightly. But I make it in the strength of the company of some of the most faithful people in history. [Read more…]

Struggling with Silence in an Instant-Gratification World

Silence allows us to rest from our own “noise within—our desires that plague us, our worries that deplete us, our thoughts that agitate us—that we must calm.” When we rest from the continual interior dialogue, we allow space for God to work within us. [Read more…]

I Needed Somebody to Hope Me: An Update on the Moral Revival

By Rev. Dr. William Barber When I was growing up in Eastern North Carolina, I used to love to sit in my grandmama’s kitchen and listen to her sing as she made dinner. Whenever she was done cooking, she’d give me a plate to eat. Then she and some of the other sisters from the [Read More…]