Trouble and Transformation: Reflections on Sunday’s Bible Texts

“Reading the prophet Amos hits too close to home these days. No one wants to be a harbinger of bad news, especially when anxiety is gripping the community already; but that’s Amos’ vocation. To speak words of disorientation, with just a few final sentences of hope, is Amos’ challenge to an already unsettled nation, facing the “perfect storm” of unfixable problems.” Theology Professor Bruce Epperly on how Amos’ words speak to us today… [Read more...]

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Fourth of July Spirituality

“In the dialectical movement of not “too much” and “not too” little, when it comes to the relationship of Christianity and national holidays, let me suggest some spiritual practices for the Fourth of July. These will place our national celebration in light of God’s present and future vision for our nation and the earth.” Bruce Epperly on expanding our sense of the Holy on our National Holiday. [Read more...]

A Gateway and a Path: More on Summer Reading

“I was raised in a conservative Christian home. But, by the time I entered high school, I had forsaken my Baptist roots. As a rather precocious spiritual seeker, the texts that inspired me throughout high school were the Tao Te Ching, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, The Lord of the Rings, The Teachings of Don Juan, Walden, and the writings of Emerson and Hesse. I found God through Hindu meditation and psychedelic adventures rather than the black-backed Bible that was my childhood guide.” Bruce Epperly looks back on the books that have shaped his faith journey. [Read more...]