My Thirst for Evidence

“I find comfort in those two tones that indicate that an episode of a “Law and Order” franchise is coming on. I don’t mind watching reruns because I’ve usually forgotten the outcome. I feel the same way about the “CSI” franchises and the television show “House.” This might be my personal television vice, but I suspect that it’s part of a wider fascination with evidence. That is, many people have become increasingly interested in various forms of evidence– through technology, skepticism, a need for healing or a quest for justice – and how it plays out around us.” Guest blogger Monica Coleman shares her fascination with ‘evidence’ from her Beautiful Mind Blog. [Read more...]

Ethics in an Oil Spill: Sorrow in a Spill

“Here we find ourselves again, viewing images of Lake Pontchartrain. This time, the threat is not from nature, it’s human-made. Tar balls from the Gulf Oil spill threaten the lake, as that oil spill looms into not days, not weeks, but months. Surely, this gas and oil spill has been both a nightmare, and a public relations fiasco.” Guest blogger Susan Baller-Shepard wonders who will say “I’m sorry?” [Read more...]

Cleaner, Leaner Form of Government for Presbyterians

“The stripping away of rules and regulations is hard for some people to stomach. I heard someone say that we would need to be “so much more alert” to the dangers of misuses and abuses. Yes. He was right. But maybe we’d also need to be more alert to one another, and to our faith, and to the church.” Talitha Phillips, blogging live from the PC(USA)’s General Assembly, on the vote to adopt a new Form of Government… [Read more...]