The Call of Retreat: Unfurl

As summer begins, spiritual director Christine Valters Paintner offers this invitation to slow down and notice what’s unfurling within you. [Read more...]

Nared and Filfin Contemplate the Mind of God

One of my favorite story-tellers, Mark Yaconelli, shares a remarkable conversation between his daughter’s two homemade dolls about God. See if it doesn’t set you off on some deep theological thinking today … [Read more...]

Bible, Torah & Koran as Art

“I’m making an American Flag. A big one. Twenty-four feet by thirteen feet. I’m making it out of Bibles and Bibles with Apocrypha, Korans and Talmuds and Torahs, Sutras and Vedic Scriptures, Books of Mormon and New Age texts.” Artist and pastor Tim Mooney describes his ambitious sacred art installation project and how you can help… [Read more...]