Dare We Call Them Christians?

“All are saved eventually, even the Hutarees and Westboro folk, who may surprisingly find themselves in the afterlife, growing beside homosexuals, Hindus, and liberals.” Bruce Epperly debates the faith claim made by Christian fundamentalist groups. [Read more...]

Simplicity & Transformation: Lectionary Reflections for July 4th

“In a world of chaos and complexity, this week’s scriptures invite us to trust God’s presence in the ordinary, simple, undramatic, and accessible realities that support and nourish us.” Theology Professor Bruce Epperly considers the countercultural vision of wholeness of body, mind, spirit, and relationship presented in the sermon texts for Sunday, July 4th. [Read more...]

What Book Has Changed Your Life?

If you had to choose one book that has most deeply affected your faith life over the past ten years, what would it be? That’s the question we posed to some of our favorite theobloggers and authors at the beginning of summer. We also invited them to share the one book they think every Christian should read, but probably hasn’t yet. [Read more...]