Eat, Pray, Love: An Invitation for Christians?

Does the film and book “Eat, Pray, Love” present an invitation to moderate and progressive Christians to take the spiritual journeys of people more seriously in preaching, program, and outreach? Guest blogger Bruce Epperly thinks so… [Read more...]

How I Rediscovered Christianity Through Islam

“The religious “other” is not the enemy; quite the contrary: it’s through her that one’s own religious identity and practice emerge more clearly.” Theology Professor Philip Clayton explores the emerging “third way” of deepening one’s own religious beliefs in a multi-faith world. [Read more...]

Anxious for Nothing

“I wonder why a bible verse that served me so well in one phase of my life proved so futile during another. Could the verses that once brought me closer to God now make me feel faithless? Was I going to have to find new sources of inspiration?” Monica Coleman reflects on spiritual reading for different seasons of life. [Read more...]