Is Jesus Just a Good Guy? Why The Incarnation Matters 2

“If Jesus is just a good guy, then the world has one more hero — but nothing more — and we are stuck with no way out. You can stack up martyrs like firewood (and many have), but the world will remain broken.” Spiritual Director & Episcopal Priest Fred Schmidt on “Why The Incarnation Matters…” [Read more…]

Why The Incarnation Matters 1

What does it mean for us that God chose to enter the world in flesh and blood — incarnate — through a poor baby in Bethlehem? We invited a dozen theobloggers to consider the question: “Why Does the Incarnation Matter?” And we asked them to do it in 100 words or less. [Read more…]

Advent Practices: Considering our Earthiness

The story of Advent and Christmas is essentially about God becoming enfleshed in the earthiness of the world. God enters creation and blesses our embodied lives. We are called this fourth week to consider the element of earth as an invitation to greater intimacy with nature and to remember our own earthiness. Spiritual Director Christine Valters Paintner continues her series on Advent Practices tied into the elements of Creation. [Read more…]