Preaching on the Magi and Other Questions for Brent Landau

This month in the Patheos Book Club, we’re exploring Brent Landau’s compelling new book, Revelation of the Magi. As part of our blogger roundtable on the book, we invited several authors to review the book and submit their questions to Landau for his response. Our Q&A begins here. [Read more…]

The Tortured Truth

As a Christian who honors the value of human lives regardless of nationality, faith or other allegiance; as a father, a son, a husband-I care about what is right. Even if the lives, physical and psychological health of foreigners could be bargained to save American lives, as President Bush and Vice President Cheney have dubiously argued has happened, this would not dismiss my concerns regarding the immorality of torturing another human being. [Read more…]

Nothing is Wasted: A Composter Advent

What does a composter have to do with Advent? This is the season of holy and growing darkness, of darkness that is alive! Advent darkness holds a lot inside, like rich back dirt. [Read more…]